Memorable Quote: My Secret Hotel Episode 10

My Secret 10.1

Episode 10 is going to tug at your heartstrings as it seems as though Hae Young is edging forward in his campaign for Sang Hyo’s heart in the earlier part of the episode, only to be pushed back by both Sang Hyo’s determination to move on and Sung Gyeom’s full-on campaign to press his suit forward as the episode progresses.

*sigh* I no longer know who’s the male “lead” anymore since I don’t know how the writer’s going to extricate herself from this quandary: Hae Young shrinks in pitifulness while Sung Gyeom increases with muhshiseoness.

Whuh? *blinks eyes innocently* You’ve never heard of Konglish? 😉

You can view the raw episode here.

For today’s “Memorable Quote” of the day, I couldn’t pick one line, so I’ve decided to highlight Sung Gyeom’s singing…Based on his serenade and Hae Young’s “serenade,” you’ll get a good idea of this quandary of which I speak. *sigh*

Here’s the muhshineun (awesome) serenade by Sung Gyeom:

Here’s Hae Young’s “serenade” that just doesn’t seem to pack quite the same punch. :'(

Awww…here’s hoping that Hae Young gets to eat more ramyun from Sang Hyo in the future…Oh, and the mustache? Just a “present” from Sang Hyo. Heh…

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