May 15th: Happy Teacher’s Day

Thank You Gestures

As I get ready to bring today to a close–it is now the early hours of May 16th–I thought about not blogging tonight and just heading off to bed…because it’s just been that type of day.

Thankfully, I found myself not wanting to end today on a sad note, so I took a few minutes to think about May 15th and to remind myself that Real Life is STILL good. 🙂 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Korean holidays, May 15th is Teacher’s Day in Korea. And after class today yesterday, three of my Korea-raised college students quietly wished me Happy Teacher’s Day and presented me with Starbucks gift cards.

As I sorted through the day’s events–particularly their thoughtful gesture–I found myself revisiting the blog post that I had written last year about Teacher’s Day–coincidentally prompted by one of today’s three students around the same time last year–and I was gently reminded of exactly why I teach…still. 🙂 You can read it here.

What a much-needed reminder of the goodness of Real Life! A great big thank you to all of my teachers–past and current! And to my students–past and current–who remind me of exactly why I continue to do what I do DESPITE all of the hard work. 🙂

And if you’re a fellow teacher, happy Teacher’s Day to you, too! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “May 15th: Happy Teacher’s Day”

  1. aww how cute of them,, i think you deserve it

    Stand for the teacher and honor his rank…
    for a teacher is almost as a prophet…
    Do you know of someone nobler than…
    he who nurtures minds and hearts… <3

    happy teacher's day

  2. Happy Teacher’s Day Grace I know that your job is often thankless, and most people don’t even realize the extra hours you have to do at home. But I also know that seeing even one student’s success will light a teacher’s heart up, and the welled up pride is worth all those long hours <3

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