Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 6 (BTS #14)


The boys men of Marriage, Not Dating plume themselves for our viewing pleasure in this 14th behind-the-scenes clip…only they do so with flowers, instead of feathers. Heh.

It’s definitely great to see that the cast are having as much fun filming together as we are watching them onscreen. 🙂  


The actors’ various suggestions on how best to film the now-infamous kiss scene is hilarious, especially Jin Woon‘s attempt to film in Music Bank style. Heh. I guess he’s trying to utilize his experience as MC. Smart lad! 😉

Personally, I’m glad to see the actors having fun with each other; it somehow adds more enjoyment to my viewing of the show, knowing that the actors portraying my adorable characters are getting along so well. Wouldn’t you agree?

In any case, I hope you enjoy watching this 14th BTS clip. And this time, let’s hope that tvN doesn’t delete this one the way it keeps deleting the 12th BTS. Why it keeps doing so is beyond my comprehension. *shakes head* Anyhow, enjoy and Happy Monday!

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