Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 5

MnD 5.4

I started this post yesterday, and instead of letting it sit in my drafts box for an indefinite amount of time, I thought that it should at least see some light and love, don’t you think? 😉

Here’s a quick nutshell of sorts from yesterday’s episode…enjoy!

You can watch the raw episode here

Clip #1: Determined to win against his mother and ultimately his freedom to live life the way he wishes, Gi Tae convinces Jang Mi to go on a day’s long date with him. He uploads picture after picture on his social network, and during the course of the long day together, the two unlikely allies become closer and more comfortable with each other. In fact, Yeo Reum ends up seeing their “chummy” photos online as he waits for Jang Mi to call him. Finally, he can’t wait for Jang Mi to call him and texts her to meet him at the restaurant…just as Gi Tae drops her off at home. As Jang Mi goes inside, she turns back to thank Gi Tae for the gift of the single rose before she belatedly remembers her “date” with Yeo Reum.

Clip #2: Jang Mi goes to the restaurant in disguise and ends up tasting a stew that Yeo Reum made as practice with food that was going to be thrown away. As she prevents Yeo Reum from throwing away perfectly “fine” food, she comments that she and he are more like than she thought: she has difficulty throwing things away and he throws things away before those things get thrown away by someone else. Although their actions are different, Jang Mi reasons that what motivates them is the same. She then comments that she can taste his real motives in his cooking, and Yeo Reum then says that he’d like a “taste” of that and kisses her. Meanwhile, Gi Tae uses his cell phone tracking device that he planted on Jang Mi’s new cell phone and freaks out when he discovers that she’s at Bon Weekend restaurant instead of resting at home as he suggested. He rushes out of the house–with mismatched shoes!–and then ruefully returns to his place as he remembers that he doesn’t have any right to chase after her. After all, it’s not as though he’s her husband, going hunting for an errant wife.

Clip #3: After trying to hold the contents of her upset stomach time and time again–due to unexpected and unwelcomed visits all day long–Jang Mi finally can’t take it anymore and “rudely” leaves the ladies’ dinner party at Bon Weekend. Foiled in her attempts to use the bathroom in the restaurant because the chef locked himself in there–the men’s bathroom was broken and he, too, was having stomach issues since he had scarfed down Yeo Reum’s food while Yeo Reum wasn’t watching–Jang Mi squirms outside and tries to find a bathroom. Unfortunately, an “accident” happens, and Gi Tae arrives on the scene just in time to witness the scent of her accident. Mortified, Jang Mi begs him not to approach her, and Gi Tae’s mother arrives in time to save Jang Mi further humiliation/embarrassment by covering Jang Mi with her own coat and ushering the poor girl upstairs to Gi Tae’s office to clean up and change.


We finally start to learn the reason why Yeo Reum has such a soft spot for Jang Mi; like her, he has a difficult time throwing things away…or more specifically in his case, he is afraid of being thrown away. His mother had abandoned him after cooking him a dish of Korean pancakes.

In the course of this episode, we learn a few interesting things. For example, Jang Mi unexpectedly helps Gi Tae’s mom with her campaign to help Gi Tae’s father advance at work, and we get a glimpse of what motivates Yeo Reum and his cooking…it’s something that reminds him of his mother. Hmmm…I have high hopes for Jang Mi and Gi Tae’s mother, who finds herself oddly affected by Jang Mi.

The symbols are aplenty in this episode as Jang Mi draws the connection between the poop in her pants to how Gi Tae’s mother must feel about the situation with Gi Tae’s father and his extramarital activities–extremely embarrassing, something that she doesn’t want people to know, dirty and distasteful, etc.

The revelations are also aplenty as Se Ah now knows the truth about the situation, but then again, so do Gi Tae and Jang Mi…about Se Ah’s machinations and her using Yeo Reum as a spy.

I’m liking how this revelation sets Jang Mi up for learning to be just happy with herself…finally…and just as Gi Tae had suggested to her a while ago. Hmm…this new epiphany may make things interesting for us in the coming weeks. But then again, if Jang Mi stays true to her character, I’m sure she’ll still capitulate and help whomever and whenever she can. After all, she’s such a kindhearted person. *sigh* She’s such a softie…but then again, that’s one of her charms and why we find her endearing….

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  1. OK, the reason I have not been on this thread is not cos I’m not watching it – but cos I have been re-watching it!!! Hahahaha does that make sense? This is an awesome show!

    I like how Gi Tae is such a perfect personae but in reality he is so flawed and Jang Mi is so obviously “wrong” material but the only really sincere genuine person.

    Gi Tae is in sore need of someone like Jang Mi – outspoken, not afraid to put herself out there and kind to a fault and sincere in all that she does – what with manipulating Mom, conniving ex-gf and cheating Dad!!

    I love Jang Mi’s realisation on why Gi Tae prefers to be alone.

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