Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 5 Video Preview #2 and English Translation

MnD 5.2

Ahhh…this longer preview is just that much…better. 😉 *happy sigh*

With Yeo Reum advancing his suit, Gi Tae is starting to feel the pinch.

Just a tad bit. 😉

If the preview can be believed, it seems as though Gi Tae’s developing quite the soft spot for Jang Mi as he realizes just how much pain he can cause this young woman. From his pained expression, it’s clear that he’s not thrilled with himself for doing so. Poor guy….

Dialogue Translation:

Gi Tae’s Mother: If I uncover proof that this is all a lie, then you will most definitely marry.

Jang Mi: (wakes up suddenly thanks to Hoond Dong) Ack! Ack! Ack!

Hoon Dong: But how did you…?

Hyun Hee: (sees a depressed Hoon Dong) Is something the matter?

Jang Mi: If I listen, I’m afraid that the situation will get bigger.

Script: Finally the “real relationship”?

Hoon Dong: (to Gi Tae) Today at my restaurant, the mothers are having themselves a wine party.

Gi Tae: (introduces Jang Mi) She’s the person I’m going to marry.

Hoon Dong’s Mother: Dr. Gong, the fact that you’re sitting sandwiched between your ex-girlfriend and your current girlfriend…

Script: Convoluted Push-and-Pull (aka playing hard to get) Expert Romance

Yeo Reum: At night, you kiss me, and during the day, you play the role of the doctor’s fiancée.

Jang Mi: (faces Gi Tae) This is all because of you.


OK, the preview has done its job; I am thoroughly intrigued now. What is “all because of [Gi Tae]”? What has he done now? Hmmm…I guess we’ll all find out Friday morning. 😉

In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed this longer preview. I know that it’s been out for a few days, but I completely forgot about this longer preview until today. 😛 At least I remembered in time to blog about it, right? 😉

For now, I’m just biding my time until the light bulb turns on in Gi Tae’s head, and he finally realizes what a beautiful “rose” he has in Jang Mi. It’s clear that Yeo Reum already sees her true worth…although he is still an enigma to me; I can’t quite figure out his true motives for dating her. At least with Gi Tae, we know what his motives are, right? Heh.

With both men’s green-eyed monsters awake now, this weekend’s two episodes are going to be a joy to watch, especially if the editing staff continue to do the stellar job that it’s been doing with all those graphics, music, and sound effects to underscore the comedy as well as the drama.

*chants Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday! as Snoopy’s Twinkie returns to Real Life duties*

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3 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 5 Video Preview #2 and English Translation”

  1. Han Groo is such a wonderful actress, in every drama I’ve seen her in, i hated her a bit in Can We Get Martied as the friend BFF who caused her friends to break up, then in ..Warm Heart.. I cried with her for finding her love and losing him, now in this, she is so good in revealing her true heart (I could never put myself in such humiliating sutuations–I’m too much of a coward!) … Sigh, I await this drama every week! I break the promise to myself to wait until each drama I’m currently inerested in is over then marathon watch! Ackkk, but this is sooo far a great watch! Thanks for the preview translation! Can’t wait for the future episodes! So, let’s see who she ends up with.. Though I hope it’s not that restauranteur jerk! He’s such a low life! That selfish plastic surgeon, he’s definitely falling for her and our cool waiter which is which, can she have both? I’m assuming the mothers and other relatives will make this more complicated! But I’m loving this! Again thank you, I hope you’re having a great summer with a great air conditioner when it’s hot!

  2. thank you for this! i’m so glad i picked this up after watching stills and previews from your blog. this has got to be my most favorite and anticipated dramas amongst the stack of dramas i’m watching. hate though that i need to wait a week for new eps. this will be the death of me. it’s been a long time since a drama have this effect on me.

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