Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 5 Video Preview #1 and English Translation

MnD 5.1

After what looked like a breakup between Jang Mi and Gi Tae, the two are closer than ever…or so it appears as they continue their charade as lovers. *shakes head* Meddlesome mothers…What would Kdramaland be without these “well-intending” mothers? 😉 

Dialogue Translation:

Script: Finally the “real relationship”?

Gi Tae: (introduces Jang Mi) This is…the person whom I’m going to marry.

Hoon Dong’s Mother: Dr. Gong, the fact that you’re sitting sandwiched between your ex-girlfriend and your current girlfriend…

Yeo Reum: (swinging Jang Mi against the wall) At night, you kiss me, and during the day, you play the role of the doctor’s fiancée.

Jang Mi and Yeo Reum sit on top one of Hoon Dong’s kitchen counters as Jang Mi eats something that Yeo Reum cooked for her.

Yeo Reum: (leans in for a kiss) Let me have a taste, too.

Jang Mi: (confused and with her mouth full) What?


Oooooh, Yeo Reum kisses Jang Mi!

It looks as though there are multiple green-eyed monsters roaming about in this series…and Hoon Dong’s doesn’t count. 😉 We know that Gi Tae’s slumbering monster has been awaken from what was sure to have been an eternal sleep…and now, it looks as though Yeo Reum’s has awaken, too.


If one considers the fact that these two men are highly sought after by a myriad of women and probably never experienced a single moment of jealousy in all of their privileged lives, it’s going to be interesting to see just how “ferocious” their respective green-eyed monsters are going to be now that they’ve been rudely awakened…for the FIRST time. Heh…let’s the fireworks commence!

*prepares popcorn and fuzzy blanket in preparation for the colorful entertainment*

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  1. I wonder if Hoon Dong’s Mom has told Gi Tae’s Mom that Jang Mi was the stalker… The next episode seems promising, not sure how I feel about Yeo Reum and Jang Mi getting more intimate though. >.<

    Friday is almost here! *squeals*

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