Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 5 (BTS #13)

MnD 5.7

Awwww…our 2am maknae is shy about his onscreen kiss with Han Groo. Here’s the thirteenth BTS released by tvN. Enjoy!

Oh, and the first BTS for Episode 5 has now been updated. 🙂 


It sounds a bit gross, but Han Groo keeps saying that she’s afraid she’s put too much food into her mouth. Hmmm…too much information? 😉

In any case, it seems as though the stirring of the spoon in the stew pot is Groo’s idea if the preview is to be believed. Cool! It’s always fun to learn when actors contribute to the story with their own interpretations of the scene. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 5 (BTS #13)”

  1. Episode 5!! yahoo, fun!!! Han Groo is so awesome in this! I soo enjoyed her “typhoon” exlposion! Been there, done that… upset stomach and could totally emphathize! She was so lucky Mrs Shin came to save the day! Well, kinda.. And poor 2Am macknae with the kissing, but that was quite one of the better/more realistic kiss scenes in Kdrama! You show em what a kiss is all about!

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