Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 4 Video Preview #2 and English Translation

MnD 4.3

Yup, it’s a certainty now. Gi Tae’s alpha “green-eyed” monster is starting to awaken from its slumber…

This video preview #2 shows us a glimpse of just how much “attention” Jang Mi is starting to attract…from everyone. 😉

Rating: PG-13

Dialogue Translation:

Jang Mi: His head! I think he’s hurt his head.

Grandmother: Ah! He says that he can’t live without Joo Jang Mi!

Gi Tae nods in total agreement with his grandmother.

Jang Mi: Who was the one who totally hugged me as soon as he saw me?

Gi Tae: (to Yeo Reum) Ah…you didn’t know the situation. That Jang Mi is my woman.

Yeo Reum: Did you sleep with her?

At this point-blank question, Gi Tae chokes on his food. LOL

Script: Not marriage but dating? Not dating but playing hard to get?

Jang Mi: (vows to herself after getting riled up by Gi Tae) Tomorrow, I’ll fully play true to character and completely end it, I will!

Jang Mi cooks up a storm at Gi Tae’s house.

Jang Mi: (viewing Gi Tae’s family from her upside-down position and says is subdued voice) The “true character” was to be found elsewhere.

Script: A tear-inducing see-world (sight) has begun!

Yeo Reum: Are you concerned about Gi Tae hyung?

Gi Tae: (to Jang Mi) What are you doing? Are you really thinking about dating him?!


The plot thickens, and the delight doubles, triples, quadruples! 🙂 One thing’s for sure: Jang Mi has firmly wormed her way into the consciousness of a great number of people. Heh.

MnD 4.2

She’s already won over Grandmother and Yeo Reum to her side. It’s only a matter of time before our I-want-to-be-alone Gi Tae falls for her “true” character. 😉

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  1. Yeo Reum seems so blunt but at the same time I never know what he’s truly thinking. Gi Tae agreeing with his grandmother that he can’t live without Jang Mi? Interesting 🙂

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