Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 3 Preview and English Translation

MnD 3

So…I’m going to try something this summer–blog about multiple shows at once, albeit in truncated form–and I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out, but I simply just could not pass up blogging about this adorable and, more importantly, zany rom-com with Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo. 🙂 Oh, how I adore the zany! 😉

Below is the video of the Episode 3 preview with the accompanying English translation. Enjoy!

Dialogue Translation:

Mama Gong: What is he thinking to do with a woman like this…

Jang Mi: (with her face plastered against an aquarium, eyeing a clown fish) Hey, Nemo…

Gi Tae: (bowing down before Jang Mi) Hey, Nemo!

Mama Gong: (to Jang Mi’s mother) My son…has absolutely no interest in marriage.

Gi Tae: (bowing before Jang Mi’s mother) Mother-in-law.

Jang Mi: (to her father) This man–

Jang Mi’s Mother: –He’s a doctor!

Script: A misunderstanding that keeps getting deeper and deeper!

Se Ah: If you’re bored, play with me instead of playing a joke on your mother.

Gi Tae: Who says that? That this is a joke?

Gi Tae pulls on one door knob while Jang Mi pulls from the other side, trying to get out.

Gi Tae: A woman who immediately rushes to answer a call just because she’s been beckoned is someone who can’t ever be understood!

Script: This man is not joking around?!

Jang Mi: Don’t like being alone too much. What will you do if you get locked up in solitary confinement?

Gi Tae: (trying to get out of the bathroom) Anyone out there?!

Jang Mi: (peeking her head out from a corner) Gong…Gi…Tae…


This series just keeps getting zanier and zanier…and cuter and cuter! It’s hitting all the right notes–great script, great acting, great graphics, etc.–and I find myself chuckling out loud at the various antics.

Let’s not forget the moments of gravity that ground the story from becoming entirely too silly. The dramatic moments, oftentimes generated by Jang Mi and/or Gi Tae, serve to bring a certain depth to not only their characters but to the relationship that they’re slowly building towards one another.

It should be interesting to see what next week’s installment brings to the story, but one thing’s for sure: This is  definitely a keeper and shall be on my very short list of dramas to watch.

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  1. I Cant even explain how addicting this drama is. thanks for the preview.. now i need to find something to occupy my time until episode 3

    1. LOL. Welcome, Caroline26! I’m so glad that you’re joining us in this community for the Marriage, Not Dating adventure! 🙂 And yes, Friday can’t come fast enough. LOL

  2. I started watching this drama after I saw your review, and I am totally loving it!! Just the kind of drama I was looking for but kind of hoped I wouldn’t find because I shouldn’t be watching any more dramas. -__- Thanks for the rec!

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