Marathon Drama: Sweet 18 (2004)

Starring: Lee Dong Gun (Lovers in Paris, When It’s at Night, My Boyfriend Is Type B, Smile Again, etc.), Han Ji Hye (Cloud Stairs, The Duo, The Bean Chaff of My Life, etc.), Lee Da Hae (Miss Ripley, My Girl, Chuno, etc.)

Synopsis: Public Prosecutor Kwon Hyuk Joon (Lee Dong Gun) hails from a highly traditional Korean family, whose grandfather arranges a marriage contract between his grandson–then a little boy–and the baby girl of his good friend. Unfortunately, Jung Sook’s (Han Ji Hye) family runs into financial difficulties and runs away without a word to Kwon’s grandfather of their whereabouts. 

Eighteen years later, Hyuk Joon and Jung Sook accidentally meet under extenuating circumstances and eventually marry, as arranged by their grandfathers. With completely different personalities and life goals, the two are hardly a match “made in heaven.” This series explores the ups and downs of the newlyweds as they not only adapt to each other but to the restrictive expectations of Hyuk Joon’s traditional family, one that Hyuk Joon is destined to head.

Musings: I haven’t posted a “Marathon Drama” in a while, partly because there have been sooooo many great new dramas to watch and recap. However, I thought I’d finish up this post, which has been figuratively just sitting in my computer, in case some of you have some free time this weekend/week and want a fun drama to watch. 🙂

This is the famed k-drama series that romantically linked the two co-stars for a few years before they decided to call it quits. Han Ji Hye is now married to a real-life public prosecutor while Lee Dong Gun has just been discharged from having served his mandatory military duty. Hurrah!!! This means we can look forward to another k-drama featuring Lee Dong Gun SOON! 😉

I can’t recall if I saw this series before or after The Glory of Family/Family’s Honor, but I do recall thinking that the two series were helpful in giving me a crash-course understanding of traditional Korean customs. And there’s just something to be said for the olden ways of respecting one’s elders that resonates deeply within me. I absolutely love the main characters’ relationship with the grandfather, who still commands the utmost respect despite his frail, physical condition.

For the most part, I found this drama light-hearted and enjoyable to watch as it deals with two polar opposites learning to adjust to one another and ultimately falling in love.

The two leads hamming it up for the camera. 🙂 Jung Sook’s top knot still cracks me up! It makes her look so much older than her fictional 18 years. LOL

Such a sweetheart!

And a picture to commemorate Lee Dong Gun’s re-entry into civilian life. Welcome back, LDG! Can’t wait to see your next project!

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  1. Definitely going to add this to my list. Still reeling over how good Family’s Honor was! Just have to find somewhere to watch this from. I told you, Google TV does not play well with viki and I hate watching in pieces!

  2. This was a good drama. It had plenty of sweet moments and funny ones too. My first intro to Jang Dong Gun 😀

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