Marathon Drama: Spring Day (2005)

Starring: Jo In Sung (What Happened in Bali, A Dirty Carnival, Frozen Flower, etc.), Ko Hyun Jung (Dae Mul, Queen Seon Duk, Sandglass, etc.) Ji Jin Hee (Dong Yi, Dae Jang Geum, Love Letter, etc.)

Synopsis: An orphaned girl, Suh Jung Eun (Ko Hyun Jung), slowly comes out of her reclusive and silent shell with the help of an old childhood friend, Ko Eun Ho (Ji Jin Hee), a physician. They fall in love and promise to marry when an unexpected accident causes Eun Ho to first fall into a coma and then amnesia. During this time, Ko Eun Sup (Jo In Sung), the half-brother, befriends Jung Eun and against his better judgment falls in love with his brother’s “fiancée.” What ensues is a heart-wrenching love triangle that is complicated by the three characters’ love for one another that transcends any love they may feel for their heart’s desire.

Musings: For me, 2005 marked the year that I resumed watching my Korean dramas on a regular basis. It was also the year that marked Ko Hyun Jung’s return to the entertainment industry after over a decade’s absence (due to marriage into the famous “Samsung” family) and my first introduction to the talented Ji Jin Hee and Jo In Sung. 🙂

Now in all honesty, I didn’t watch this show in the “marathon” 2 days because I happened upon this drama while my parents were watching it on TV; my mother lured me into the show by exclaiming that Ko Eun Ho was the quintessential husband material she hopes for all her daughters. Intrigued, I plunked down to watch episode 1 and 2…and before I knew it, I was rooting for the other man. LOL

I laugh because each episode afterwards, it was a battle between my parents and me. I wanted Jung Eun to get together with Eun Sup while my parents called me “crazy” and rooted for Eun Ho. Heh…needless to say, the daughter who majored in English Literature won the battle of wills, but not before having to watch the remainder of the series in private. LOL…and on a side note, it turns out that I wasn’t the only one “fighting” with family members. A good friend of mine in Korea would delay phone calls with her husband, then stationed in Thailand on a temporary overseas business trip, just so that she could watch Spring Day without any interruptions. *chuckling softly* Yes, she, too, was rooting for Ko Eun Sup. What can I say? The noonas the world over know an adorable man when we see ’em. 😉

In any case, this is definitely one of those dramas that I cherish…despite its melodrama and love triangle. I loved it so much that I purchased my first full-priced OST because I wanted to “relive” the series through the nostalgic yet haunting music…this is not to mention the DVD box set that soon followed once I could get my hands on a copy.

If you haven’t seen it and don’t mind the “drama,” I would highly recommend this. There’s a little bit of comedy and cute moments, but for the most part, this is a straight-up DRAMA.  However, once you get caught up in the “Eun Sup” spell, the 20 episodes will not seem to be enough. Just be prepared to be irritated, amused, thrilled, heartbroken, etc.

I leave you with a picture from one of my favorite scenes when Eun Sup cajoles Jung Eun into giving him a shave…heh, he’s such a scamp! Enjoy!

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20 thoughts on “Marathon Drama: Spring Day (2005)”

    1. Me, too, but this one was worth it! LoL…I deny any suggestion that it was due to “Eun Sup.” 😉

    1. Woohoo~Glad you are getting a chance to watch it.
      I stick by my claim that it’s Ko Eun Sup that I adore, not Jo In Sung. Otherwise, some of my friends may threaten to beat me. LOL
      He’s quite adorable, though, isn’t he? 😉

    2. Thanks but video removed, mysoju certain parts not available too.
      Basically now on the hunt to see if I can buy the dvd

      Haha hope to be able to watch this:)

        1. I found another site to download the episodes that are missing from and the links are still working:

          (WOOT!) I’m tempted to download the whole thing since it’s so hard to find! One of my top fav dramas of all time is “What Happened In Bali” so I’m a huge Jo In Sung fan. *hee* He is adorable, I heartily agree.

          1. @tessieroo: I was able to “salvage” your comments, which wordpress inadvertently dumped into my spam box. Better late than never, right? Thanks for info!

          1. Ooooooo…Thanks for the update! I hope this link helps those who wanted to watch it, too! 🙂

  1. Oooh…I happen to like all three leads, though I’m itching to find out who Jung Eun ends up with already! Will defo put this on my to-do list of dramas to watch. Thanks! 😀

  2. Adding this to my list of dramas to watch – as if my list isn’t long enough already! But, I loved Ji Jin Hee in He Who Can’t Marry.

  3. Hi Twinkie, just wanted to update you on my mission to find this drama. After trying almost evry site I found, or suggested by others I have finally downloaded all 20 episodes, haha
    Now my task tonight is just to convert the files to avi so i can watch it on my TV, yay

    1. Wow~I hope you really like the drama after all this work. I would feel like I led you on a wild goose chase if you didn’t…happy viewing!

  4. Your great review makes me think I should give this drama a chance! I don’t mind love triangles but sometimes I feel too bad for the second lead in the end which, for me, takes away from the happy ending of the main couple. Other reviwes of this drama make it sound like that type.

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