Marathon Drama: Someday (2006)

Starring: Bae Doo Na, Kim Min Joon, Lee Jin Wook, Oh Yoon Ah

Episodes: 16 

Synopsis: Hana Yamaguchi (Bae Doo Na) is a highly successful Korean cartoonist in Japan who travels to Korea during a “slump.” Go Jin Pyo (Kim Min Joon) is an avid fan of hers who is thrilled to meet her and helps her during her stay in Korea. While the emotionally detached Hana Yamaguchi searches for meaning and understanding of love, her life intertwines with that of Lee Seok Man (Lee Jin Wook), who is hired to help her in her investigation. 

It’s only with her arrival in Korea that Jin Pyo’s friend discovers her feelings for Jin Pyo and Hana Yamaguchi learns the meaning of love as the lives of these four people collide, leaving each of them changed indefinitely.

Musings: It’s been a while since I last wrote a “Marathon Drama,” but I hope to make this a monthly corner at the very least. I’d love for this to be a weekly post, but with “Movie Monday” and the sheer length of the dramas, I figure a monthly schedule would be more appropriate for most of you and your hectic schedules. 

This is a series that slipped under many people’s radars but one I happened to stumbled upon and immediately loved. I wasn’t a Bae Doo Na fan, but after watching this hauntingly beautiful show, I went on a Bae Doo Na watching spree for a while…hence the God of Study viewing. 🙂

I can’t really explain my fascination with it–after all, it’s a slow-moving, character-driven series–but there’s something compelling about the emotionally detached Hana Yamaguchi as she strives to understand love and the almost stalkerish Jin Pyo in his desperate desire to have Hana fall in love with him. Then there’s the adorable Lee Seok Man, who is somehow able to access a locked up part of Hana that very few people can even see, much less touch.

Over the years, this series has stayed with me, prompting me to purchase a DVD set as well as the OST to add to my permanent Ddrama collection. In all honesty, I’m still baffled by what this show resonates with me so strongly…perhaps because it is unlike any Kdrama series that I’ve seen thus far.

If you get to watch this, I’m curious to hear what you think of it. Drop me a comment or email and let me know what you thought. Until next time then….

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2 thoughts on “Marathon Drama: Someday (2006)”

  1. I just finished this drama about a month ago. I never knew of this drama until I was back reading dangermousie’s livejournal and she was recommending it and so I downloaded it, and boy, was it such a feast!

    I marathoned eps 1-10 I in one sitting then took a break for a week coz the dramatics started and an angsty and shouty LJW was a bit too make to take in.

    There are two things that stayed with me concerning this drama. I loathed KMJ’s character as much as I loved OYA’s. I am, more often than not, a shipper/sympathizer of second lead but boy do I wanted to off him so badly. He was such a clingy, stalkerish, desperate, selfish bastard. As for OYA’c character, she was awesome! Kdramas should make more like her. Up till now, I still can’t decide if I should be happy that they ended up together or he is way too good for him.

    One more thing that I loved about the drama was the ending scenes where they freeze the frames and then it transforms into a sketch? If I knew how to screencap, those would be gracing my monitor right now.

    This drama actually kinda reminds me of 9 ends 2 outs. They actually have nothing in common but they kind of elicited the same motions from me while I was watching them. Maybe it’s the scale of the story. It’s just people going on about their lives, no big reveals, no secret births, they feel real….

    1. I completely agree: OYA was awesome! She’s such a great friend.
      And weird as it sounds, there was something compelling about KMJ’s character…I can’t explain it. LOL

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