Marathon Drama: Lovers in Prague (2005)

Starring: Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Joo Hyuk, Kim Min Joon, Yoon Se Ah, Jang Geun Suk, Ha Jung Woo, etc. 

Episodes: 18

Broadcast Network: SBS 

Synopsis: Yoon Jae Hee (Jeon Do Yeon) is a Korean diplomat working in Prague when she meets Choi Sang Hyun (Kim Joo Hyuk), a police detective who’s traveled all the way from Korea to find his ex-girlfriend (Yoon Se Ah). He can’t accept the fact that she unexpectedly broke up with him over the phone, not after he’s devoted his life to her…even paying her expenses while she’s in Prague. 

Jae Hee helps Sang Hyun while he’s in Prague, and the two form a light relationship that is continued when they meet again in Korea. Unfortunately, their respective ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend complicate the picture. As if that weren’t enough, Sang Hyun discovers that Jae Hee has been hiding a secret from him, one that definitely throws a wrench into their burgeoning romance.

Musings: I love this!!! I believe I love this more than I do Lovers in Paris. That show I’ve only seen once, but this one I’ve seen twice and wouldn’t mind watching again when time allows. If this endorsement isn’t enough, would it help if I told you that my father–MY FATHER!–loved this series?

Why? The comedy just doesn’t stop. Not only is there plenty of drama and love-triangles (actually, let’s call them love-polygons), the comedy is so neatly placed that it offsets the sometimes heavy drama in the show. I mean, how can I not laugh when Jae Hee eats lunch at one of Sang Hyun’s regular restaurants in the hopes of catching a glimpse of him and then tells him that she hasn’t eaten yet when he invites her for lunch. Pffffft. The look on her bodyguard’s expression is priceless as she tries to force a second bowl of food down her already-full stomach!

And the bodyguard (Ha Jung Woo) is simply marvelous as Jae Hee’s sidekick. Their perpetual charade as siblings in front of Sang Hyun is bound to elicit at least a few chuckles here and there, if not downright guffaws of laughter. More than the romance or drama, it was the comedy that kept me glued to the screen.

In addition to introducing me to Ha Jung Woo, this show also gave me a brief peek at the starJang Geun Suk would later become. As the president’s second child, the younger brother to Jae Hee provides ample balance to Jae Hee’s zaniness. My only regret is that he and his little high school friend didn’t get nearly as much screen time as I would have liked. Ah well.

So much more I would love to gush about–the puppets, the crazy things she does as she follows her heart, her ex-boyfriend’s sacrifice, the bodyguard’s stoicism, the president, the bodyguard’s stoicism (I already said that, huh?), Prague,etc.–but my real-life duties compel me to stop here. If you haven’t seen it yet, I hope you do. I thoroughly loved it, so much that I purchased a box set. 🙂 If you have seen it, let me know what you thought. I’m curious to hear if you were just as tickled pink with the comedy as I was.

Below is a MV I found for your viewing pleasure: I really love the OST 🙂

Here is a MV montage of the cute high school kids: It’s so cute how he slowly changes because of her. (love the OST!)

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4 thoughts on “Marathon Drama: Lovers in Prague (2005)”

  1. I absolutely enjoyed this drama, and I agree that it’s much much better than Lovers in Paris. I remember I was live watching this in grade 8, oh man that was such a long time ago. Brings good memories, and it was my first time seeing Jang Geun Seok too!

  2. Yes I loved this drama too, watched it the first time when one of my colleagues lent me her dvd, that was like 4 or 5 years back and I recently bought the dvd myself.

    The OST is also fantastic, I listen to it in my car.

    Ohh I loved the puppets, wonder where I can buy one without travelling all the way to Prague, lol

  3. Goodness…. i watched this a few years ago… honestly… i didnt know Jang Geun Suk acted in that drama…. To be honest, its only after SKKS that i make an effort to find out about actors/actresses, and now i can remember certain names and faces… kekkekeke… so i will try to watch this if it is available on line. Now that my soju had disappeared, i wonder how i can watch older dramas…. those that i google doesnt have eng sub…. sigh….

  4. this was one of the first dramas I watched (and it was on box set too!) and I loved it.. I haven’t really watched the Lovers in Paris drama so I can’t compare..
    I was crushing on the cutie pie Jang Geun Suk here.. One more thing I loved about this drama was it portrayed a decent father for the lead.. I love the president, and his interaction with his daughter and son.. Plus he wasn’t that big of an ass when it came to his daughter’s love life..

    The male lead may not be as good looking as other k-actors but he really fitted his role well. And I loved his interaction with the female lead.. As for his ex gf, she was so pretty in my eyes but I got tired of her “woe is me” role..

    All in all, I might consider a rewatch if I got ahold of the series again..

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