Marathon Drama: Lovers in Prague (2005) – Revisited

MD 07-11-16It’s been over ten years since this series aired on SBS and a little under four years since I introduced it as one of my favorite “Marathon Dramas.” However, I thought that I would revisit it since with Jeon Do Yeon‘s return to the small screen this summer in The Good Wife (2016), SBS has been capitalizing on her star status by releasing clips from Lovers in Prague and Shoot for the Stars (2002). And of course, like the “good” fan of the show that I am, I’ve once again fallen under the spell of this dear little story. 

If you’re looking for an oldie but goodie melodrama that is loaded with charming comedy as well as heavy-duty drama, I think you may enjoy watching this. You can take a look at my original review of this series here. Let me know if you end up watching it or have already seen it and love it as much as I! 😉

And yes, I know. You’re getting a special treat this Monday with two posts–one from NewKDramaAddict and one from me. 😉 I hope you enjoy this double dose of Kdramaland fun! Just our little treat to help you usher in another week. 😉

You can view the clip of the above picture here.

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8 thoughts on “Marathon Drama: Lovers in Prague (2005) – Revisited”

  1. I am delighted to meet someone else who likes this drama. For a long time I thought that I was all alone!! I have re-wathced this a few times and I am always enamoured. What’s not to like really – bubbly heroine, stoic hero, noble idiot second leads and parental objections – wait – sounds typical right?
    But this drama was, for me magical – that little something captured my heart and I keep going back to it. One of my “go to” dramas when my current drama watching derails into what-the-heck-face-palm territory.

    You can tell I like it right? LOL!!!

    1. There are actually quite a number of us who love the show. 🙂
      I’m reliving happy moments these days by watching the short clips as they get uploaded by SBSDrama. 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting, Madkdr! Good to know that you’re still active here on Musings. 😀

  2. Happy to see a new posting when I visit though I do not comment as much.
    Actually revisiting your posts on your visits to Korea as my daughter is planning a trip there – with her Grandma, on Grandma! Sigh! the benefits a granddaughter gets over the Mom!! LOL!!!

    1. Awww…she’s going to have a blast! 🙂
      Your comment just nudged me to write some more posts about Korea from my 2014 trip…I’ll have to get on that sometime this summer. Perhaps I’ll be able to finish one post every summer. LOL.

    1. LOL. After all the other dramas you’ve recently dropped…? 🙂
      Seriously, though, there’s a LOT of drama so…begin with caution. 🙂

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