Marathon Drama: Lovers in Paris (2004)

Starring: Park Shin Yang (Sign, The Painter of the Wind, Hi Dharma!, The Letter, etc.), Kim Jung Eun (Lovers, Marry the Mafia, Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate, etc.), Lee Dong Gun (When It’s at Night, Sweet 18, My Boyfriend Is Type B, etc.)

Synopsis: The first part of the story takes place in Paris, France, where Han Ki Joo (Park Shin Yang) and Yoon Soo Hyuk (Lee Dong Gun) meet Kang Tae Young (Kim Jung Eun) under quite different circumstances, Soo Hyuk as a friend and Ki Joo as a “fiance.”

When the three return to Korea for their own private reasons, events continue to throw Jung Eun in Ki Joo’s path while Soo Hyuk seeks out Jung Eun’s company in the hopes of forming more than just a friendship with her. 

The series explores not only the depth of romantic love but also the bonds of familial love as the three are challenged to evaluate what is important under the stresses of the automotive industry. 

Musings: Many of you probably caught this back in 2004–how could you possibly escape the Lovers in Paris craze that was sweeping kdrama if you were watching kdrama back then?–but I recently saw it on my shelf and thought that I needed to revisit this series as a “Marathon Drama” selection.

Attempting to do this drama proper justice would require many, many posts as well as a rewatching of the entire series, so I’ll simply list a few things that I still remember…although I’ll probably forget a whole slew of others, which I know the other Twinkles will supply in the comments, right? 😉

What did I LOVE about this show? (Big, deep breath…)

The great one-liners that littered the drama, Soo Hyuk, “Baby,” Paris, Han Ki Joo’s suits (LOL), Kang Tae Young’s overacting (although at one point it was annoying), Soo Hyuk, Tae Young’s vivid imagination, the French language, the way Ki Joo warms up to Tae Young, Ki Joo’s gruff manner, the scene in the dress shop in Paris, the dance scene, Soo Hyuk, Tae Young’s friend, the way Ki Joo comes to Jung Eun’s rescue, Soo Hyuk, the huge piggy bank, Soo Hyuk…

*happy sigh*

Yeah, I realize I have a tendency to root for a certain type of male character. Heh heh…but yeah, I adored Soo Hyuk…even when he turned all villainous on us. How could one not?  LOL

This drama was really instrumental in catapulting all three actors to a whole new level of fame and recognition and won all sorts of awards. On a personal level, for the longest time, I couldn’t see a man’s suit without thinking of Han Ki Joo or facial hair without recalling Soo Hyuk.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch it back in 2004 for whatever reason, I would seriously recommend this drama. The writer blends comedy with drama on a level that caters to any woman’s heart. The only drawback to this series is the ending, a clear indication that a writer should not be forced to cave under the “bad” influence of the viewers. From an artistic standpoint, I personally would have preferred the writer’s original ending to the compromised one we actually saw. Nevertheless, this was ONE very delightful 20 episodes of happy viewing!

Aren’t these two absolutely adorable?! *happy sigh* Brings back such lovely memories….;)

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14 thoughts on “Marathon Drama: Lovers in Paris (2004)”

  1. I think I saw this drama. If this is the right drama I saw with Park Shin Yang, I remember he screams.. .. a lot. LOL. And Kim Jung Eun was laugh-my-butt-off-so-hard-i-fell-off-the-couch funny. Haha.

    Hopefully this is the right drama.. LOL *goes to look for episode 1*

  2. Yes, highly recommended to those who havent seen this drama. I fell in love with it and decided to buy the DVD so i could rewatch it everytime i feel like it.I love the song Kim Jung Eun sang during the going away program the theater employees performed. How about when Ki Joon fired Tae Young and the scene in the swimming pool, and Tae Young asked Ki Joon ” Do you know how to swim?” Me, I dont ! And she with straight body fell into the pool.There were scenes you ll love and hate, the ending most especially. I read the rating for Lovers in Paris went over 50% nationwide and Seoul. Do you know any Kdrama that would beat this ratings?

    1. Ooooh, great moments!
      The most recent drama to go over the 50% viewership would have to be The Sun Embracing the Moon…however, there have been one or two that I have seen that did that. 🙂 Definitely good memories. Thanks, Indn52702!

  3. Well, I saw this a while back, did not realise it had such a high rating since I didn’t like it that much, was okay won’t go round 2 though ( runs and hide )

    Preferred Lovers in Prague ( sorry all )

    I believe My Name Is Kim Sam Soon also had a high rating; my favourite high rating drama : Jumong
    Watched this with my sis countless times, even had to buy a second dvd coz the first one was overused, lol

    Waiting for your next marathon drama, Twinkie
    Cheers, have a good weekend:)

  4. Honestly, I read up about this before making up my mind to watch it. What I read scared me away and I’ve learned since then to stop doing that (I tend to regret it). Maybe I’ll get over the reasons I have and watch it =)

  5. I actually liked Lovers better. I watched all three, Lovers, Lovers in Paris and Lovers in Prague and have to say I liked them in that order. I am a girl fan of Kim Jung Eun, can’t help it! But they were an adorable couple, just wasn’t as crazy about the story. But yes, it was a semi marathon!

    1. Really? I would have to say Lovers in Prague was my favorite of the Lovers trilogy due to all the comedy. 🙂

  6. I loved the drama but disliked the ending. It was SO ambiguous. What was the original ending supposed to be Ms Snoopy?

    1. The original ending was supposed to indicate that the ENTIRE drama of 20 episodes had been a figment of Tae Young’s imagination as she types the story. The twist was that she was soon going to “relive” a similar story in her “reality” since she meets a man very much like the Han Ki Joo in her story. However, the audience freaked out, claiming that they didn’t want Tae Young and Ki Joo’s story to have only been a “story,” so the writer was pressured into including that superfluous newspaper article of Tae Young and Ki Joo getting married, which completely throws off the artistic slant of the story when another “Tae Young” and another “Ki Joo” meet to start their love story.
      As I said, writers should never be pressured into altering their stories, or the result is a less-than-satisfying end. The final result of that decision was that NO ONE was thrilled with the ending. 🙁

        1. Prague’s ending? Really?
          I’m dragging through today…someone tempted me to rewatch Lovers in Paris…chose to see only the last three episodes until 2AM…oy~such an unwise decision.

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