Marathon Drama: Family’s Honor/Glory of the Family (2008 – 2009)

Starring: Park Shi Hoo (Prosecutor Princess, What Star Did You Come from?, How do Marry a Perfect Neighbor, Queen of Reversals, The Princess’ Man, etc.), Yoon Jung Hee (Dear Heaven, Blissful Woman), Lee Hyun Jin (Heartstrings, Operation Proposal, etc.)

Synopsis: Ha Dan Ah (Yoon Jung Hee) is the only daughter of a traditional Korean family that still maintains all of the old values and rituals. She married in her early 20s but became a widow before she could even have a honeymoon. Strangely, despite her reserved manner, she is pursued by two men, Lee Kang Suk (Park Shi Hoo) and a younger Jung Hyun Kyu (Lee Hyun Jin), who looks exactly like her deceased husband of so many years. The series explores the joys and difficulties of the Ha family and how they try to preserve their family name/reputation. But overall, what the series does so well is examine the meaning of family throughout all of life’s variations.

Musings: I stumbled upon this series (my first Saturday-Sunday drama and the only one I’ve seen besides A Thousand Kisses) one day while I was surfing youtube and fell in love with it. Yes, the 54 episodes makes this selection a 3-day marathon rather than our usual 2-day marathon, but those blurry-eyed few days were definitely well worth it.

The show starts off a bit slowly, so it was a good thing that I first saw a clip of a middle episode to hook me in for the first few episodes, but once the story gets rid of the “old” and ushers in the “new” circumstances of the two brothers and their sister, the story really takes flight. Episode after episode, I couldn’t help but be enthralled by the relationship between Dan Ah and Kang Suk. And you all know how I can’t stand really frustrating plots…this one deals with conflicts but in a non-frustrating way. 🙂

More than anything else, though, what I appreciated about this series is that it helped elucidate a certain part of Korean culture that I wasn’t FULLY aware of since my parents don’t observe some of these older Korean traditions like bowing to your ancestors every morning; I’ve been taught to honor them but not bow to their images for religious purposes. Anyhow, this drama will definitely give any viewer an appreciation for the “old” Korean culture and one family’s struggle to maintain their traditions, yet at the same time adjust to the changing times. 

Final words? I would totally spend the hours watching this series again…if I only had the time. 😉 Enjoy!

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17 thoughts on “Marathon Drama: Family’s Honor/Glory of the Family (2008 – 2009)”

  1. This has been on my watch list for awhile. I will have to watch it next weekend. Alas, its movie weekend for me. Classic is on that list 😀

  2. I love love love this drama!!!!!! This is one of the only dramas that I can recall that doesn’t have a love triangle in the story. It is a great family drama. And let’s talk about Park Shi Hoo…is he eye candy or what. He is so playful and charming in this drama that you just fall in love with him!!!!

  3. One of my favourites, have watched this 3 x already
    I actually found the dvd while on holiday in Singapore and it was a great investment
    Loved the grandpa and the older brother too.
    Watched Dear Heaven after this but still prefer Familys Honor and of course Park Shi Hoo!
    Did not realise he’s in What Star are you from so will have to check it out.

    1. He’s not as impressive in What Star Are You from because he’s the supporting actor who doesn’t get the girl. 🙁 However, you know that I was secretly rooting for him, at least for a little while. LOL

      1. Ooh, can’t remember much about What Star are you from but he has amazingly got the girl when he was the second lead, in Perfect Neighbour & Queen of Reversals.
        He’s still my favorite in Prosecutor Princess and Family’s Honor
        Hope to see him in a new drama soon
        Did not like Princess Man and only watched it because of him, lol
        Big fan here

    2. Hello – I am looking to purchase the series and wondered about your Singapore version. May I ask how many discs, if they were dvd9 dual layer (better quality picture), and if the english subtitle translation was good, excellent or average HK version with typo, and bad grammer? Thank you.

  4. Hi, Snoopy’s twinkie at last i will be able to watch this in total. I started with ep 30 i think when they got married but had trouble with the following eps while watching this in mysoju. I’ll try again and i love Yoon Jung Hee and Park Shi Hoo. I watched Love in Heaven and part of Blissful Woman( but you know where i could watched the whole episodes, having a hard time searching for it). Thanks again so glad you’re doing this marathon drama.

    1. Hmmmm…I usually use,,, or YouTube. Anyone else have any suggestions?

  5. I just watched the first episode. I see I will be up all night forsaking all of the new dramas 😀 Thanks Snoopy!! 😀

    1. LOL…so glad you love it. 🙂 I’ll be thinking of your blurry eyes tonight as I go about my grading. 🙂

  6. Whew! Finished! It was a different type of drama. I have never seen one (except for Kimchi Family and maybe Gloria) that focused on the dynamics of a Korean family and traditions! Blurry eyes?! Definitely a couple of times! I think they must have added 4 episodes because towards the end, it was like blah! But overall, it was fun!! Let’s just say, this kept me from watching any of the new dramas.

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