Marathon Drama: Capital Scandal (2007)

Starring: Kang Ji Hwan, Han Ji Min, Ryu Jin, Han Go Eun

Synopsis: A fusion-period piece, this 16-episode drama is set during the 1930s when Korea was still occupied by Imperial Japan and chronicles the lives of four young freedom fighters who demonstrate their love for Korea in different ways and at varying costs.

Musings: The series, in true “fusion” format, incorporates drama, comedy, and action seamlessly into one very enjoyable viewing experience. Beyond the compelling plot and characters, though, is always the wonderfully nostalgic music of that era, which I absolutely love! This was the drama that first “introduced” me to Kang Ji Hwan and Ryu Jin (ATK‘s Woo Jin) as solid actors to watch and follow in later dramas.

So, if you want to give it a shot and you have the 16+ hours at your disposal, I’d recommend this amusing yet meaningful piece. And the plus side? I gained an insight into the time period of my grandfather and grandmother, who both did what they could to help out in Korea’s freedom movement.

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7 thoughts on “Marathon Drama: Capital Scandal (2007)”

    1. 🙁 I went to, my usual source for older kdramas, and it looks like the drama videos have been removed…Hmmm, I’ll take a look for it a bit later and get back to you. Perhaps other Twinkers will have suggestions, too.
      This is one of the reasons why I purchase my must-have kdramas…just in case I want to watch them later and the uploaders end up removing their videos. Sigh…sorry, you’re having a hard time finding it.

  1. I have seen this drama and I loved it. It was packed with all the things that make a drama, comedy and action. What I enjoyed the most was the clothing…it certainly made a bold statement. Definitely would recommend watching this..

    1. ooooh, I had forgotten about the clothing. Yes! Especially the white-black hanbok that SCREAMED the main female lead’s love of Korea and rejection of the “foreign” influences. 😉

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