Marathon Drama Alert: W (2016)


Usually, I don’t delegate a series to the “Marathon Drama” category until after it has finished airing–giving me time to view the work in its entirety–but W (starring Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Seok) is in a category all of its own.

Don’t believe me? I humbly offer you “Exhibit A”: moi. 

I am currently in the last few days of the summer term with final term grades due by this Tuesday morning. This means that in addition to the packed schedule I have this weekend, I need to finish grading research papers and final exams.

The sooner, the better.

However, did any of this make an impact on me as I took a short break and watched a small YouTube clip late last night? And then proceeded to marathon episodes 1-4? Late into the wee hours of this morning? O.o

Obviously not. This little twinkie decided that sleep was a luxury she would willingly forego as long as there was another episode to be seen.

*hangs head* Thank goodness the series just started and has only four episodes!

Hmm…I suppose the good news is that I can still fangirl with the best of the crazed ardent fangirls. Heh. That and the fact that by the time episode 5 airs, my summer term will be completely behind me. >.<

If you haven’t had a chance to start, take a peek at this video…but proceed with caution. If you’re as susceptible as I, you may find yourself foregoing sleep for these episodes…and then some. Granted, this clip isn’t one of the funnier ones, of which there are plenty, but it’s certainly one of the shim koong ones. (Loose translation: warm fuzzies)

Video: Compliments of MBCdrama via YouTube

Oh, and might I add that I shocked Nelly today by revealing that I watched the series from the beginning, which I rarely do when I have a lot of grading and/or the series is well under way. 😉

If you need another piece of evidence, I offer you “Exhibit B”: It’s a compelling story that is acted out superbly by the entire cast. 🙂 I highly recommend the show.

So…who’s already sucked in and fangirling/fanboying like a teenager? 😉

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12 thoughts on “Marathon Drama Alert: W (2016)”

  1. Me! Me! Ok, I haven’t actually starting watching yet, but I’m avidly following the recaps. I love it so far! Han Hyo-joo’s bewildered expression every time she tries to force an ending to a webtoon chapter is hilarious. I am crossing my fingers that the writing stays solid till the end – I usually don’t get to this stage till the middle episodes. My only fear is that I didn’t really like how the writer managed the ending of Queen In-hyun’s Man – too deus ex machina for me . . .

    I shall be attempting to marathon the available episode this weekend 😎

    1. The recaps can’t possibly capture the nuance of the performances by both Lee and Han not to mention the compelling chemistry between them. LOVED!!! 🙂
      I can’t wait to hear how you like it after your marathon the four episodes. 🙂

    1. Woohoo~! First comment, right? Welcome to our Musings community!
      Glad that we can fangirl over this show! 😉

  2. Oh I am hooked big time. At the end of ep2 I had so many questions and bam they had me. He is his good self and the lady I don’t know but she is funny and full of fire and vinegar. I plan on enjoying this one!

  3. Did Grace just as it she watched something from the beginning? ???? I’m enjoying this show so much! I also think wish I had waited till it was over to start it. The waiting is killing me! I want to know where they are going with it. On a side note I’m happy you all are so positive here. Everywhere else people can’t stop complaining about her “bad acting”. I don’t get it! She’s doing fine for me! She’s acting the way I feel anyone would react if they ended in a different world & got to meet the person they love ( book or comic). Not only that but she’s fast on her feet! She keeps trying to find ways to get out of the comic.. Anyhow I’m in love!!!

    1. Hee! 🙂
      As for bad reviews, really? I think the cast is doing a fabulous job! Learning to appreciate Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Seok more through this series. 🙂

  4. Oh my W!!!!…. I have not watched any k-drama that has kept me truly engaged, entertained, thrilled, excited… The one hour episodes flew by just like that. I normally interrupt my drama watching w/ other things like checking my Facebook, gmail, reading blogs, etc. but this I have to watch with zero interruption. Kudos/ thumbs up/ clap!! clap!! clap!!/ Standing ovation to the writer/director combo for their out of the box, imaginative, creative work that veers away from the typical k-drama tropes, though we have here an Olympic champion turned chaebol. She on other hand is no Cinderella, poor girl, candy/ wimpy character but a smart thinking resident doctor. I am not even a fan of Lee Jong-Suk but I have a soft spot for Han Hyo Joo becoz of Briliiant Legacy. This drama is FUN-tastic !!!! Loving it!!! 😉 (Though still feeling bitter that Uncontrollably Fond has slipped to 2nd place after W. 🙁 )

    1. Oh my W, indeed! Ellen, it’s episode 5 tomorrow!!! *giggles* I’m seriously so tempted to begin recapping again…LOL.
      As for UF, I’m so sad for the show. 🙁 The cast and staff put so much effort into the production.

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