Link to SKKS episode 20

The last one!

Still haven’t been able to watch 19 or 20. 🙁 However, on the bright side, my schedule is enabling me to prolong my enjoyment of SKKS.

Have a great day, and I guess we’ll all see about Mary Stayed Out All Night next week…and if you can, please say a prayer for me, as I’m in the process of applying for a tenure-track faculty position at my college…eeks! Exciting opportunity but lots of work required to get my application together. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Link to SKKS episode 20”

  1. Good luck on your application! Hope it comes through!

    Looking forward to your comments on eps 19 & 20. Some parts were not clear to me and I hope your recap will be able to clear stuff up.
    For example, was GYH allowed to stay on at SKK after it was revealed that his position as a yangban was bought?
    How is it that KYS was allowed to stay at SKK and eventually become a professor? So was her true identity exposed or not? Can't imagine HIS not persuing the matter. So the King gave up on his ideal society …? What was KYS's father last teaching to the 4 who were searching for GDJS?
    Thanks for all the recaps and the last two that are to come. You created a nice 'forum' for SKK fans, as well.
    grateful from new york

  2. Wishing you all the best in your application. I will say a prayer for you….does God know you as Snoopy's Twinkie?…Just Kidding. : ) Seriously, hope you get that position! Thanks for all that you do for us fervent SKKS fans.

  3. good luck and thank you for your post, it makes us happy… please continue and we'll stay in touch through your blog… best regards, Rega

  4. Good luck with your application. I'm sure the Gods of all religions will give you a helping hand as you've been doing a great service in providing happiness and amusement to people of all races and religions around the world with your hilarious asides, apart from the insightful recapping.

    Your fan,

    Sleepless in Pittsburgh, PA

  5. I saw the last episode with the link you provided. All I can say is that it ended well but everything seems to be jam packed in the last episode that I felt I wanted more or something like the production just wanted it over and done with. But yes, it ended well.

    So on to the next drama hehehe…thanks for the link

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