Link to SKKS episode 18

No time to watch this morning. 🙁 Here’s the link, though!

P.S. I guess to build up anticipation for the last two episodes, the SKKS staff decided to not include a preview for episode 19. 🙁 Anyhow, I will try to watch and briefly summarize later today as a nice break for myself…this week’s turning out to be a stressful one…I’m looking forward to escaping from reality into SKKS world. 😀

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6 thoughts on “Link to SKKS episode 18”

  1. Thanks for the link Twinkie…I watched it raw..

    And the writers not better do what they showed for the preview on next week..because I swear…am gonna send them a hate mail.

    Team Moony forever!!!!

  2. p.s. don't you think the brim of the hats got in the way again during that moving monologue fr LSJ as he back-hugged KYH? I was thinking of the actors, esp Yoo Chun – must've been an awkward position for the neck. what a gripping ending. The director has been great in ending episodes in such a fashion each time!
    Destress well, Twinkie. I am also stressed but from the opposite side of you – I have to sit for an important exam tomorrow! snuck in Ep. 18 tho! : )
    grateful fr New York

  3. Hi grateful fr New York…I wish I had read your comment before I started summarizing ep. 18 today between classes. Oh well…I suppose more the merrier, at least that's what some of the readers have been saying. LOL.

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