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Below is the link to SSKS episode 17:

Unfortunately, I won’t have time to summarize/translate episode 17 or 18 until much later. 🙁 Sorry…However, duty before pleasure, right?

On a brighter note, though, I should be caught up enough by this weekend to get episodes 19 and 20 done by my usual time (Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon) for the big finale. Until then, I bid you a happy week!

P.S. Thanks for all the great comments! And grintibiter, the links were great to watch during my grading breaks! Thank you! Also, someone thought I was part of the SKK subbing team…I think one of my readers gave me credit for some of the dialogue I posted here when she worked on a subbed video. I’m terribly low-tech, so subbing is a foreign thing to me. LOL

1. The king reveals to the four scholars his vision of a new Korea, one in which there is no oppression, slavery, etc. In that new city, people will be free to engage in free enterprise, make a name for themselves, etc. He reveals that this is the dream of a new Korea (Josun) that Prof. Kim and M’s brother died to make happen. He asks for their help in discovering the book that detailed his father’s last will and testament to decree this type of new Josun.
2. Suspicion of M clears when HIS sees a similar bracelet on M’s wrist and G’s wrist. G says his famous line, “I’m Goo Yong Ha” indicating that he anticipated this and got more bracelets to throw HIS off the track.
3. M discovers that his father, whom he has resented because of his inactivity regarding his brother’s murder, has actually been secretly observing and plotting against those who killed his son. M is ashamed by how little he esteemed his father and his loyalty to his murdered son.
4. The guard who betrayed the king and ultimately Prof. Kim and M’s brother 10 years ago has a huge gambling problem…seeks out L’s father to tell him about the King’s new attempt to recover the book…basically wants to get money for services since his gambling problems have escalated to such a point that he may have to sell his wife and child into slavery.
5. G’s father tells G to not get involved in serious matters and tries to marry G off to a rich family/girl (also reveals that G has an illegitimate child!). G’s furious that his father thinks of people in such monetary and political matters, especially when the father says he’s pleased that G’s close to L, son of the Noron leader, although the father asserts that keeping M, a Soron, close wouldn’t hurt since one never knows how the political tides may shift. G angrily tells his father that he’s also developing a close friendship with a Namin (K) just in case neither Noron nor Soron are in power.
6. L leaves “love” notes for K to find in books at the library. The last one confesses his love for her…so cute how the last book with his love confession was almost read by the Soron leader. LOL
7. Hyo-eun tries to ask K for help in winning L’s affection. When L enters the bookstore, L tells Hyo-eun that he likes someone else and drags K out of the store. Hyo-eun, the maid, and later M (who glimpses K and L walking out) realize that L likes K.
8. L is upset with K because he realizes that K hasn’t really thought about their future together and was under the impression that L and Hyo-eun would eventually marry. He demands that she starts thinking about their future together. There’s a hilarious scene in which he’s trying to kiss her in the streets but can’t due to their hats. LOL. Later in the elevator, he tells her that she has a gift for making him lose his mind and gives her a ring (couple ring!) telling her that there’s no such thing as an end for them when they leave SKK because he’ll start anew everyday with her.
9. G brings proof of who paid the guard off that night 10 years ago. M tells him that they should just focus on finding the book as the king asked and nothing more. G realizes that M knows already who paid off the guard and such.
10. Just as L and K kiss and share an understanding of their future together, they overhear M and G talking. G is heard asking M if he knew all along that L’s father was the person behind the deaths of Prof. Kim (K’s father) and M’s brother. (In actuality, the killing was done at the hands of ByungPan but the effect is the same, I suppose).

PREVIEW of #18:
Turmoil as K and L try to deal with how this affects their relationship. M asks L in one scene if L thinks K will ever forgive him, the son of the person responsible for her father’s death. L’s dad raises his voice and scolds L for turning his back on his father without permission (to leave his presence…can’t show back to elders in old Korean tradition of honor/respect for elders)

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  6. Twinkie, I'm waiting for your detailed recapping of Ep. 17 because I want to know every word SJ says to YHee, in the elevator, in the market alley, in their room, in the library and back in the elevator. There are so many cute and sublime scenes between these two, and I'm dying to know what they are saying. Thanks for putting in the snippet that SJ is not abandoning YHee once they leave SKK and that he will renew every day with her, meaning he'll get married to her. Waiting patiently for your recap and amusing asides,

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