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Good morning! Thanks to my circadian rhythm, I’m up at my usual time. 😛 Thank goodness, I feel well rested for the day. 🙂 And of course, the little people at my house were quite excited to see me awake…play time with their American “auntie.” LOL

Thanks for all the encouraging comments you guys left…definitely made it worth MY while to stay up and summarize for you all. But yeah, as I went to bed early this morning, I questioned my own sanity just a tad bit. LOL. Seriously, though, I took a look at the page number after I was done…11 pages, single-spaced! I’m a bit stunned that I write so much for each episode, but I can’t seem to help myself once I start summarizing. =O.o=

Anyhow, here’s the link to episode 16 for those of you who want to watch and need the link. I’ll probably watch later this evening after work around the same time as last night. Enjoy!

A quick heads up on the episode (SPOILER)…couldn’t resist and took a peek. OMG, this episode is HILARIOUS…I can’t wait to summarize for you all later tonight. 😀 L and M are particularly funny with their fight over who gets to sleep in the middle, and they get interrupted by G who comes charging into their room because he heard a noise and is afraid it might be a nine-tailed fox intent on eating his liver…perhaps because he’s such a womanizer! (crazy Korean legends about nine-tailed foxes, typically women, who eat human livers). LOL

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8 thoughts on “Link to SKKS episode 16”

  1. thank u so much!!! ur so awesome!!! i am so inlove that i dont know if this feeling of mine is normal or am i being insane upon being addicted to this drama! again thank u so much!!! kamsahamnida twinkie!!!

  2. Thank you for your amazing and detailed summary. I can't wait to read episode 16th's summary. I loughed out loud watching L and M fight over sleeping quarters and I wish I understood on what pretext G ended up there.
    Thank you again.
    By the way, are you a twin? Is this why you call your blog Musings of a Twinkie? I am an identical twin and I call my sister Twinkie.

    Anonymous in California.

  3. Yeah, everytime I watch their bed-time scenes it makes me laugh! And today's scene with LSJ and MJS fighting for the spot only reminded me of the time when MJS decided to take the middle spot and also the episode when LJS starts to argue about the spot and lets it go after staring at KYS's lips, LOL!!! Its making me want to go back and watch those episodes again! What an Addict, huh? LOLzzz…

  4. "…as I went to bed early this morning, I questioned my own sanity just a tad bit…"

    Oh but we are so grateful for those moments where your sanity is seemingly lacking; because your recaps helps those of us who are getting crazy waiting for the next episode in keeping OUR sanity! LOL! You're great.

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