Let’s Eat: Western Soondae

Let's Eat

Inspired by tvN‘s recent little rom-com hit, Let’s Eat, I decided to turn my summer romps in PseudoKorea (aka Koreatown in Los Angeles) into a “Let’s Eat” corner this year, introducing you to some delicious places that I have visited/will visit this summer. 🙂

For this week’s dining experience, I take you to a restaurant that serves a uniquely Korean cuisine called soondae

Restaurant: Western Soondae

Location: 543 S Western Ave, Los AngelesCA 90020

Website: www.westernsoondae.com

Price: $ (between $10-$20/person depending on which dishes you order, of course)


Let me first say that I am not a big fan of eating some of the more “exotic” Korean dishes. For instance, I shudder when I think about eating BBQ intestines–both the small and large intestines! My mind just grinds to a complete halt at the very idea of even eating a morsel.

Don’t believe me?

I accidentally popped a small piece in my mouth last year, thinking that it was a piece of bacon, and promptly spat it out into a napkin. I hardly ever do things like this–parents instilled in me a “healthy” respect for food–but I just couldn’t swallow what tasted to me like a bite of pure grilled fat. *shudders at the memory*

Given my aversion for some of the more “adventurous” dishes–like dak bal (chicken feet), jok bal (pig feet), etc.–you may be surprised to learn that I actually like soondae (aka blood sausages, pictured below in fuzzy resolution…sorry about that).


Of course, for my main dish, I opted for a cool bowl of their Arrowroot Iced Noodles since it was a hot day.

My little dining companion–a church minion who had to accompany his parents to the impromptu church leadership dinner meeting–chose the traditional soondae guk (aka blood sausage soup with an assorted variety of meats).

In all honesty, I tried the soup last year because all of my little church minions kept raving about it, but there’s something about eating parts of the pig’s anatomy that I can accurately identify that precluded me from properly enjoying the dish. Dratted Human Gross Anatomy class! TJ’s Mommy, if you’re reading this–I’m sure you are, being the foodie that you are–I spied slabs heart muscle and liver muscle, an ear, etc. *sigh* Needless to say, since I’ve been taught to not waste food, I finished the soup, but I kept my eyes closed for most of the meal. My verdict of the soondae guk? It tastes good. Honestly, it does! My eyes just kept interfering with my enjoyment of the dish. LOL.

Curious to see what it looks like? My little minion, who LOVES it, ordered a bowl for himself that night (pictured below).


Here’s an aerial view of what our meals looked like. Simple and delicious…just the way some Korean meals are meant to be. 😉


Now, in true Let’s Eat fashion, I present to you the emptied bowls:


As you can see from the picture, I had no problems draining the last of the cold broth after a day in the hot LA weather. 😉 *satisified*


As for my minion…he did fairly well finishing off his meal, too. 🙂 *nods approvingly*

And just who was my dining companion for that evening? The little minion who had to accompany his parents to a “boring” church meeting so that I decided to keep him company?


I tell him that there are certain perks to being a PK (aka “Pastor’s Kid”). He gets to hang out with his “cool” youth director on random eating expeditions like this one. LOL. Of course, I joke about the “cool” part. I doubt any of my minions truly think that I’m the essence of “cool.” 😉

Until my next “Let’s Eat” romp then, have a great week, Twinkles!

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  1. OMG Grace, I was raised on the farm and I have seen things that was not meant to eat get serverd up. This place brings back the days of sitting at the table till you clean your plate. Maybe thats why I can sleep most anywhere. That is just a little to edgy for me. I could hang maybe with the chitlins but thats it and that is if I had not eatten in say a week!!! I was going to have breakfast but I think I will skip it now. lol

    1. Yep Kimchi will have to do. I have had pig brains mixed with eggs and I have had monkey when I was in jungle survival school. But in both cases it was one bite and it was right back out. I guess one persons yum is another’s one omg you want me to eat what!!! I have really got a good chuckle with the responses. You have a gem here lol.

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