Lee Sang Woo: 즐거운가

LSW 31
Having a difficult time…Having fun…Enjoying his food…In a rush…Stoic Sang Woo’s set of 4 expressionless expressions

After a particularly long, trying day at school, I came home to a wonderful surprise: a video clip of Lee Sang Woo in my YouTube video feed! And not only that, but the video includes another of my favorite actors! Interested? Let’s take a peek at the trailer to February 11th’s broadcast of 즐거운가, a reality show.  Video: Compliments of SBSNOW via YouTube

*happy sigh* Lee Sang Woo and Lee Sang Yoon…two of my favorite actors. 🙂 What? *blinks innocent eyes* So I have a weakness for the tall, handsome, and smart…as if you didn’t know that already. lol *grins* What a nice way to end a particularly harrowing day!

I hope this little clip brightened your day as well!

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