Lady of the Storm: Episode 134 and Prev. to Ep. 135

Lady of the Storm

I think we’ve already established the fact that I can sometimes be a glutton for punishment and that I can be quite loyal at times, right? Well,  I’ve been keeping NewKDramaAddict company in her journey through the painful series, Lady of the Storm, and decided to “take one for the team” by briefly recapping Episode 134 and the preview to Episode 135. Why, you ask? Because our dear NKDA can’t stomach the roller coaster that is Lady of the Storm today and plans to skip out on Episode 134. What can a fellow Twinkle do but help a dear friend when she’s down? 😉 

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Hye Bin barges into Hyun Sung’s office as Hyun Sung issues the final go-ahead on his latest scheme to frame someone else and thereby avoid police investigation himself. She demands to know who the scapegoat will be this time; isn’t it enough that he plans to divorce her? Does she have to take the fall for him on some trumped-up charges, too?! Hyun Sung reassures her that she’s not the scapegoat, and Hye Bin is stunned to learn that Hyun Sung’s going to frame Secretary Choi, the man who’s been working for him and Hye Bin all the while working as Jun Tae’s secretary. When she asks if Secretary Choi isn’t Hyun Sung’s “man” and whether Secretary Choi will then turn on Hyun Sung with all that the secretary knows, Hyun Sung tells her that he plans to fabricate things so that the secretary thinks Jun Tae orchestrated everything. The poor secretary will remain quiet about their wrongdoings and instead wait for Hyun Sung to rescue him. In his usual calculating manner, Hyun Sung instructs Hye Bin on an important lesson: no one is truly another person’s man and, as a rule, is motivated by self-interest, only serving a person when it suits his own interests. He reminds her to therefore look to her own interests as she contemplates his proposal, which may not remain valid for long. Unfortunately for the two of them, Secretary Choi is just outside the office, eavesdropping on the entire conversation. Yes~! *pumps fist in air*

Jung Im enters her office to find Mi Young seated behind her desk. Smugly, Mi Young informs Jung Im that she’s soon to be the owner of the desk now that she’s purchased the highly prized picture. Feigning concern, Jung Im tells Mi Young that she, too, tried to scrape together some money for the picture but then got suspicious of the hasty sale and learned that the painting is a counterfeit. In panic, Mi Young begins to freak out about what she’s going to do about all her lost money, especially since she spent all her money and then some to buy that painting.

Meanwhile, Jung Im updates Bong Sun on the good news that her teacher’s house as been recovered and that she’s on her way to give Hye Bin and her mother notice to vacate the premises. She plans to give them a few days to move out so that her teacher can move back into the house when things settle down.

Back at the house, Hye Bin learns that her mother has suddenly made a large and unexpected purchase and invites an art expert/professor to authenticate the painting. When her mother asks why Hye Bin doesn’t trust her–after all, she was the gallery director for many years–Hye Bin apologizes but still insists on the expert opinion since Jung Im is involved. Of course, the painting is verified as a counterfeit, and Hye Bin’s mother faints from shock…especially given the large amount of money she paid for the useless painting.

Hye Bin’s mother abruptly jerks awake, thinking that she had a nightmare in which Professor Kim told her that the painting she just bought is a counterfeit. Hye Bin informs her that her dream was no nightmare but a hard, cold piece of reality and asks her where she got the money for the painting. However, before she can hear an answer, Jung Im calls her out into the hallway and asks that they leave. When Hye Bin wonders at her gall, Jung Im tells her to ask her mother…and that’s when she learns that her mother signed over the rights to the house in exchange for the money to buy the fake painting. Hye Bin demands to know how Jung Im can dare to trick her mother, and Jung Im retorts back, “You mean, just as you forced my teacher to sign over her house?” Jung Im gives them a few days to clear out of the house, and Hye Bin goes upstairs to her bedroom to rant and rave, ultimately throwing down her wedding picture and stomping on Hyun Sung’s face. She vows to kill Hyun Sung and Jung Im if it’s the last thing she does.

Moo Young manages to get Secretary Choi’s box of evidence and arranges to hand over the information to Jung Im. While he’s on his way to meet her, Jung Im and Jun Tae discuss the import of that box of evidence and how this changes things for Secretary Choi and Hyun Sung. Meanwhile, Secretary Choi is caught and brought before Hyun Sung. As Hyun Sung demands to know where the box is, Secretary Choi vaguely replies that the box may or may not be in Jung Im’s hands now.

Sadly, just as Moo Young is about to enter the cafe and deliver the box of evidence to Jung Im and Jun Tae, Hyun Sung calls and demands to know if the box has been transferred into Jung Im’s hands yet. Moo Young smugly taunts Hyun Sung with the fact that he’s about to hand over evidence that will ruin Hyun Sung. Once Hyun Sung learns that he’s still got a chance to save himself, he yells over the phone that the box has evidence that will ruin not only him but Moo Young as well. Of course, Moo Young is unconvinced…until he learns that there’s evidence implicating him in the car accident that killed Jung Im’s mother!

Preview to Episode 135:

Hyun Sung sends his lackeys to hunt down Moo Young while Hye Bin also tries to negotiate with Moo Young for the box of evidence. Luckily, Moo Young refuses to deal with Hye Bin…but succumbs to Hyun Sung’s threat/bargain to end things neatly and cleaning with an exchange of evidence. Jung Im comes upon the two men at the precise moment of the exchange and interrupts the transaction. She recovers the chip that Moo Young snatched from Hyun Sung while Moo Young runs away, clutching his box of evidence. The preview ends with Jung Im viewing the contents of the chip and realizing just who was responsible for killing her mother!


So…I’m a glutton for punishment. *shrugs shoulders* What can I say? I’m in good company? 😉

Now that my “good deed” to NKDA and whoever else is watching this series (Nelly included!) is done, I’ll return to staying current with this series via only the previews. 🙂 Until next time then…!

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  1. OMG!! She finds out Moo Young killed her mother??! This is GOOD news!! Boy, you really took one for the team and we totally appreciate it! So, that is how Jung Im got the house back! That dumb woman borrowed money and signed over the house? Dang! Doubly screwed! I call this a great ep!! Hyun Sung is one crazy man!! I can’t wait for him to be taken down!! YES!!

    Nelly, isn’t our Snoopy just an angel? Not only does she take one for the team but she also takes the time to write about it! YES!!

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