Just arrived in Korea this morning at 5AM and been up and about visiting with friends and relatives so much so that I feel as though I’ve already been in the country for at least several days. LOL

Anyhow, I won’t be able to even see Secret Garden while here, but I’m looking forward to recapping the episodes once I get back as well. Thanks for all your comments! I loved reading them. 🙂

On a silly note, I am absolutely in love with the cute items here: cute animal hats for super cheap, cute animal earmuffs for super cheap, cute stuffed animals for super cheap, etc. You all get the picture. Just imagine all those items you’ve seen on kdramas. 😀

Since I won’t be able to watch the show(Secret Garden) for the time being, I’d love to hear comments about episodes 3 and 4 while I’m here…I’m so sad I’m going to be missing episodes 3-6 for the next two weeks. 🙁 However, I’ll make the most of the trip here and get plenty of cute things! 😀 Can’t wait to share more with you all…haven’t had much time to interact with the natives here regarding the SKKS craze…hoping to go to MyeongDong on Monday where I might find some cute SKKS items. 🙂

OK…need sleep. Until next time….

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  1. I'm not sure about this info. but i read about JYJ's arrival today at 5.30 from US… not sure but it'd be so cool if you could see them right? wooow I mean I know you're not into JYJ as I do… but Lee Sun Joon was there!! hahaha

    Have a nice trip

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