Korea Photos…Day 8 (Last Day)

Day 8 (Saturday): I woke up after a great night’s rest to an incredible view just outside of my hotel room:

Once I tore myself away from that view, I sat down to a sumptuous breakfast buffet.  Why are there two pictures of food?  I couldn’t resist going back for seconds, this time to try foods that I didn’t try the first time:

Smoked salmon, capers, omelet, grilled zucchini, etc.

Belgian waffles, tangerines, pineapple slices, and mini pancakes

 When breakfast ended, I was able to explore the hotel a bit more and took some photos of what the interior looked like in the daylight:

There was even this gigantic Christmas tree that was constructed entirely of these green pillows!  And there was even an opening for people to enter the tree and explore the inside, which had been decorated all in winter white:

Cuter in person…my camera was acting up again…hence the poor lighting. 🙁

Right next to the hotel was Jeju Island’s Min Sok Chun (folk village), where the drama Dae Jang Geum and another historic drama had been filmed.  Since there are too many photos to caption, I’ll simple upload them for viewing:

Pottery/containers for things like kimchi that Koreans would bury in the ground during the cold winters so that they could still enjoy vegetables throughout the frigid winter months

The last photo above is of the gift shop where I purchased some souvenirs of Jeju’s famous volcanic stone figurines. My only “complaint” was that I wanted to spend the entire day exploring the place, but my sister sped through the place in under 30 minutes! 😛  But then again, we had the Teddy Bear Museum we needed to visit as well…sigh….

So our next and final stop on Jeju Island as tourists was the famous Teddy Bear Museum (mentioned in Goong).  I found the place enchanting with various original displays as well as renditions of famous paintings and scenes.  There was a huge Charlie Chaplin display that I didn’t get to capture on film.  🙁

Traditional Korean wedding ceremony
 Jeju Island is famous for its seadiving women.  This is a display commemorating these women.
The famous Goong bears.  🙂

 And we mustn’t forget Alfred, the white bear that Shin used to play with in the drama.  Apparently, he’s so special, the museum decided to give him his own display. LOL

As I made my way out of the museum, there was a gift shop.  What museum would be without one, right?  I ended up splurging on my own Alfred and a little bear I named “Moon Jae Shin” (LOL)

Well, these are pretty much all the photos.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed sightseeing.  🙂

With this weekend falling on Christmas, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to access the Internet.  If I do, I will either leave links or simply recap the episode.  In any case, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love holiday photos! >,<….. I'm kinda in with "folk village' pics" ~ It would be nice if you put on the Hanbok in that pic., each pic. tells its own story…. very interesting.^^! as I'm very fascinated about K history and watched all K historical drama (subbed.)
    You're good photographer** and thanks for sharing;))

  2. Korea's such a beautiful place. I hope one day i get to travel there.. And do you know if a lot of people speak English? I feel too lazy to learn korean. Poor me. D=

  3. Thanks for sharing your vacay pixs! They were all very enchanting.. Even I felt I was on a short vacay! How it was wonderful to see some props from the drama too!

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