Korea News Update Day 6

Today was spent mostly visiting with friends and family, but I did manage to squeeze in some touristy things: shopping at Insa-Dong (I actually found the cafe mmmg!) and watching my first Korean musical (Billy Elliot in Korean instead of in English). It was quite the experience! 😀

I leave for Jeju Island tomorrow morning (in about 9 hours) with some friends, so I may not be able to update for a day or two…till next time!

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6 thoughts on “Korea News Update Day 6”

  1. Awwwwh! You'll miss YJY concert then, I think Yu A-in is going to be there on saturday 27th to see Mickey.
    But Jeju Island is very beautiful, wow! I so envy you…… take a lot of photos to show us as well please….. Have a great time. ♥♥♥

  2. Any hype about JYJ's concert at Jamsil Stadium??? Secret Garden is still going strong. Plot is moving at a good pace. Chemistry between Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin is great.There is a wonderful screen between HJW and HB's mother … Waaah lucky you to have caught a glimpse of HJW .. what a coincidence! It is funny that you are going to Jeju because that is where the main characters are playing out in the upcoming episode of Secret Garden! ^-^ signing off fr the Big Apple. (it's cold here in new york. what is temperature like in Seoul?) p.s. did you celebrate Thanksgiving in Seoul??

  3. Hi! HI! are you back from Jeju Island? What did you do there?I heard that Yeorim and Geol-oh were at Jamsil stadium to support Yoochun and his partners at their concert…

  4. isn't insa-dong great? i'm so jealous. i was in korea around the same time two years ago and i feel the pull again. spent most of my time in seoul and a few days in gyeongju, which is beautiful and where all that lovely gold silla jewelry is. have fun in jeju-do!

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