Korea News Update Day 5

Today’s itinerary was the National Museum, shopping, and meeting up with some people in Korea…I was stunned to recognize sections of the museum from the drama When It’s Night (with Lee Dong Gun and Kim Sun Ah). I don’t know if many of you got to see it, but if you haven’t, I would highly recommend it…loved it!

And typically, I’m not really into shopping for anything beyond $50 when I travel since the states has such great bargains, but I couldn’t resist buying this artsy leather wallet (butterfly and Korean flag design) at the museum. The wallet actually looks better than I just made it sound…I’ll try to take a picture of it and upload it once I get back to the states so that you can see why I succumbed and purchased it at close to $100.

Roaming through the streets of Seoul, I’ve realized that there are a few things that are definitely cheaper here than in the states: make-up, eyeglass frames, and cute little accessories.

I’m sure there are more, but I am not really sure what to check out…any suggestions would be most welcome. 🙂 I have a free day of roaming tomorrow before my schedule gets packed again. SKKS Junkie Ginger mentioned Micky Yoochun’s mom’s ice cream parlor…is it in Seoul? It might be fun to visit…perhaps her place will have some SKKS souvenirs. LOL.

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3 thoughts on “Korea News Update Day 5”

  1. i loved this little store i found in insadong called mmmg, which sells cute notebooks and writing implements and just random cute stuff. i've been going through my stash of the notebooks steadily, and as it's been two years, i'm jonesing to visit and to go to that place, specifically.

    enjoy your stay! of course, here in nyc with updates from newspapers and news blogs, it seems tense and scary over there (even if it's not apparent when you're actually there), so i wish you well.

  2. Touring in Korea, feeling that at any minute, a drama-like romance could happen at any given moment, be in bumping into someone holding coffee, or throwing a can of soda and hits a prince of your dreams, haha. Hey, make-up here in the states are super cheap too! Just this week, I went on Sophora's site and got this gift set of eyeshadows worth over a hundred, for 38 bucks, and I spent a total of 50.00 and got free S&H, and got a travel gift bag with like 10 brand name stuff in travel size, and earned enough points for 1 cute trial item, plus I choose 3 more free samples. I was so excited I almost screamed.

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