Korea News Update Day 2

My sister and I have been receiving the VIP treatment here for the past two days…a family we know here has been going above and beyond anything we’ve imagined, taking us to amazing places (Park Hyatt for lunch, Namsan Tower, Grand Hyatt for dinner, etc.)…and guess who we saw tonight? Yup, Ha Ji Won!!! How crazy is that?! Especially in light of Secret Garden that’s airing right now. Absolutely amazing…this trip will remain in my memories for quite a while to come. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t get a picture. 🙁 She was just stepping into her car. LOL…who knew Korea would be so amazing? I’m such a giddy, star-struck tourist right now. LOL

If anything else exciting appens, I’ll write again. 😀

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5 thoughts on “Korea News Update Day 2”

  1. You saw Ha Ji Won???!!!! I am SOOOOOO envious,lol. Then again, I`m envious just for the fact that you are in Korea :). Hope you`ll have a great time :)))))))).

  2. Nice to hear that you're having a wonderful time. Aaah! you saw HJW, so from now on keep the camera with you all the time, bcoz you're going to see YAI next, and don't forget to give him a BIG KISS for me, PLEASE…… ENJOY YOURSELF ♥♥♥

  3. I'm so jealous you got to see HJW!
    SG episode 3 was amazing, just wait until you see the sit-up scene. 😉
    Episode 4 wasn't as great though, but still good.

  4. Glad to know you're having a wonderful time. My niece, another Burmese, visited Korea in the summer and she claims it must be the most wired nation in the world, even better than US! She raves about Korean food too. So excited to learn you've seen Ha Ji Won. My black mood, due to the end of SKKS, has lightened with the appearance of Secret Garden and Eps. 1 and 2 have been watched so many times. But Eps. 3 and 4 are galling because HBin is acting like a total jerk, verbally abusing HJWon. Though he does resemble Mr. Darcy (haughty and arrogant and so conscious of his social status)and his offensive proposal to Elizabeth (that she should be thankful that a so classy man deigned to propose to a girl of lower class and background who has appalling parents and sisters, etc.), I can't get it over that an Asian male can be a total bastard too, just because he's lucky enough to be born into a family of privileges! HBin is charming in his childish way, of course, but his total lack of empathy for people of different strata is just rubbing me the wrong way up. Maybe his neuroses are responsible also for his behaviour that is rather psychopathic. His upbringing by his snobbish and mean mother may have been responsible for much of his psychological problems and his inept social dealings, too. Hope the next episodes will portray him in a more sympathetic light because I find Secret Garden quite enchanting, especially the first two episodes. Waiting for your reaction to this new drama,

    Your fan,
    Sleepless in Pittsburgh, PA

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