Klay-Drama: Alter Egos Parade

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Hi, everyone!

I’m back with another installation of Klay-Drama! This time, you won’t get one or two figurines, but 6 of them! Dang Ji Sung and his 7 characters rolled into one package of awesomeness!

As you probably have guessed by now, this edition features some characters of the recently completed drama Kill Me, Heal Me! I was completely in love with that show, and made some figurines for myself. The responde to them was so good that I even was commissioned to make a set for a very passionate fan (that would be Jomo! Hello if you’re reading!).

Here is the set that I made for her:

2015-03-27 12.22.24
From L to R: Perry Park, Ahn Yo- a, Cha Do Hyun, Oh Ri Jin, Shin Se Gi and Ahn Yo Seob

What do you think? It’s the biggest set of characters I’ve done so far for any drama! You may have noticed that Nana and Mr. X aren’t present, but they had so little screen time, so it shouldn’t matter, right? 😉

Here’s a closer look at our little friends:

Our main trio
Our main trio
Double trouble!
Double trouble!

The second Yo Na is the one I made for myself. You may recognize her from the now infamous scene where she was chasing poor Ri On 😉

Bomb lover ahjusshi and our depressive teenager
Bomb loving ahjusshi and our depressive teenager

Did you watch Kill Me, Heal Me? If so, who was your favorite personality? Personally, I think I love Perry Ahjusshi the most!

That’s it for this time! Have a nice weekend, Twinkles!

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