King 2 Hearts: Kissing Scene Spoiler!

As I impatiently patiently wait for episode 6 to upload, which sucks since I purposely woke up early to recap, I thought you might enjoy watching a spoiler: They kiss!!! C’mon, episode 6! Show your face so that I can watch and recap! 🙁

(PaperCrank here – I think I’ve solved the video issue. Enjoy!)

OK, so my attempt to “smoothly” insert a video clip here was a total fail! Mwuhaaaaa…PaperCrank…I failed. 🙁 Well, since I can’t embed the video, below is a another picture of our two sweethearts…Why, oh why do I fear something horrible is going to happen?

 Addendum @8:56AM: Ha! Video is now available…we’re in business! Recapping, here I come!

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  1. Ahhhh!!! Episode 6 will upload sometime this week or next week? Its a 2 day drama thingy right? lol Check epdrama to see if they have raws, they are usually pretty fast about that (like day-of-original-broadcast-fast)

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