Kill Me, Heal Me: Episode 9 Mini-Cap

KMHM 9.2

If you haven’t heard, I’ve been sucked into the world of Kill Me, Heal Me. How badly did I get sucked in? Well…let’s just say that I filmed a mini-review of the first half of the series last weekend (here) and then made some time this morning to watch and blog about Episode 9 before I have to get ready for work. Yup, this little twinkie’s been caught quite firmly in the KMHM Kdrama web.

For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the English subs and can hardly wait to find out about the major events of Episode 9, I offer you this very brief mini-cap. And when I write “brief,” I really do mean brief this time. 😉

You can access the video of the raw episode (Part I here, Part II here). 

Major Events:

Oh Ri On arranges to meet privately with Cha Do Hyun and agrees to allow a movie production of one of his books. He has three stipulations:

1. He is to be the sole writer of the script and have full artistic license over his work.

2. His identity as Omega-3 is to remain a secret. He is to be known as Omega-3’s assistant writer.

3. He wants to meet his sister Ri Jin since she’s “supposed” to be in the States.

In the context of his meeting with Do Hyun, though, Do Hyun asks him the background story behind the little boy who is also afraid of the basement with the little girl, and Ri On reveals that the little boy only pretended to be scared so that the little girl wouldn’t feel alone. The little boy didn’t realize it then, but he pretended out of love. (Dang! He just outed his feelings for Ri Jin!) On his drive home from meeting with Do Hyun, Ri On talks to himself about how he made some very serious mistakes in bringing his crush and Cha Do Hyun together. And of course, Cha Do Hyun knows now that Ri On knew of his true identity from the very beginning.

The secret behind the two mothers’ relationship is revealed: They were best friends. Ri Jin’s mother tells her husband that she has faith in her son, that he’ll continue to treat Ri Jin as his sister, a comment that Ri On overhears. She reassures herself that she must have been mistaken in thinking Ri On had developed feelings for Ri Jin.

As for Ri Jin, she effectively blocks “chaos” as Nana (she doesn’t meet her yet), Yo Na, Perry Park, and Yo Sub make their appearances all in one night. She learns from her boss that she may possibly be a switch for Do Hyun and that they may have met in the past. Even though she may not remember their meeting, she could be instrumental in helping him recover his suppressed memories. In addition, she begins her job as Do Hyun’s secretary, and her sudden appearance at work has some interesting effects on those around Do Hyun.

Ri Jin returns home from her meeting with Ri On, who very reluctantly agrees to allow her the requested 3 months to help Cha Do Hyun without telling their parents, only to find Do Hyun having a “nightmare.” In his sleep, he asks her not to leave him, and so she falls asleep next to him…

KMHM 9.3

…only to wake up when Se Gi makes his reappearance, demanding to know exactly why she’s in Do Hyun’s bedroom!


I’ll keep this short since I have to leave for work: Soooooooo Goooooooood!

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12 thoughts on “Kill Me, Heal Me: Episode 9 Mini-Cap”

  1. Oh my goooooooooood! Ri Jin is SO in trouble now! Question: when do you say Do Hyun knows that Ri On knew him already, is that means he knows Do Hyun and his 7 crazy personalities as well? Or he knows Do Hyun and his background? Hmmm I think I’m contradicting myself. Ri On knew Do Hyun with several personalities just on that plane ride alone, right? Aish… KMHM is driving me crazy now!

    1. Ri On doesn’t know about the 7 personalities…yet. When Do Hyun asks him about whether he knew that Do Hyun was then “pretending” to be Perry Park on the airplane, Ri On said that he went along with Do Hyun because Do Hyun seemed intent on being “Perry.” Knowing a bit about wanting to hide one’s identity, Ri On explains how he just played along with Do Hyun “pretending” to be Perry. Hmmm…Does this make sense? lol

    1. I think the same thing in every scene. He is so committed to this role and can pull off hilarity one minute and heartbreaking pathos in the next and do both convincingly. This show could have easily been a hot mess–and seemed to be going down that road pre-production–but Ji Sung is turning in a star performance. I’ve said it elsewhere; I hope he is not forgotten later this year during award season.

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