Kill Me, Heal Me: Episode 20 Preview


I’m surprised that the preview to the final episode is already up. Oftentimes, studios like to keep any spoilers regarding the last episode pretty tightly under wraps. Hmmm…hurray for us! 🙂 Let’s take a look at the clip…because as Ri Jin slowly says her farewells to Do Hyun’s various personas, our last and final persona makes his appearance…

Video: Compliments of MBCdrama via YouTube

Basic premise of the preview:

1. Yo Na makes her final appearance and is crushed to learn that Ri On is going away for Military Service. Hmmm…at least that’s what I think from what Ri On says…unless Ri On is telling Yo Na that Yo Sub went off to Military Service, which doesn’t sound right since Yo Na doesn’t really talk about her twin brother.

2. Ri Jin says her goodbyes to Yo Na.

3. Do Hyun continues his investigation into the “accident” of his grandfather and Ri Jin’s mother. Secretary Ahn comments that Do Hyun’s father seems to be involved.

4. Little Ri Jin asks for Mr. X (Yes! At last, we get to see this much-shrouded Mr. X). In addition, I think we see the long-awaited appearance of Na Na, too!

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