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KMHM 18.5

I still haven’t seen the episodes for this week–I know, some of you can’t understand my bizarre method of blogging–but I thought that you should at least have some report of Episode 18 from me before I leave for work so…

The drama and hijinks continue if the clips are any indication. Heh. The Oh Twins seriously crack me up, and then add Do Hyun/Perry Park/Yo Sub/Yo Na to the mix, and we’ve got a veritable party in the house! 😉

You can view the raw episode here or here. Detailed descriptions of the clips are below. 

Videos: Compliments of MBCdrama via YouTube

Clip 1: Ri Jin goes inside the warehouse to negotiate with Alex while Se Gi waits impatiently outside for either her to finish her negotiations or Secretary Ahn to arrive. Unfortunately, Alex has different intentions as he tries to bargain for Ri Jin’s favors and then uses force on her when she inadvertently gives him a bloody nose. Meanwhile, Se Gi mutters his three promises to her and curses each promise: Not get angry. *curses* Not use violence. *curses* Not reveal his identity. *curses* When he hear Ri Jin scream for help, though, all his promises go out the proverbial window, and he rushes in to squash the offensive toad Alex. Only when Ri Jin screams for him to stop and calls for Do Hyun does Cha Do Hyun quickly resurface to prevent Se Gi from choking Alex to death. Incidentally, did anyone else think that Alex looked a bit like Lee Min Ho? LOL. Nayong‘s going to kill me when she reads this. lol

Clip 2: Ri Jin bandages Do Hyun’s hand–his injury from the fight with Alex–and Do Hyun asks if she remembered the name “Do Hyun.” At her nod, he apologizes for taking her name, but she tells him that he doesn’t have to apologize for anything. In the midst of the darkness and fear of her childhood past, he was there to provide salvation and hope. That’s why she was able to endure the torment, and that’s why she was able to wait for him each night when he risked his life to come see her at 10pm. With tears welling up in her eyes, she tells him that the reason why her personality didn’t fragment like his was probably thanks to him. Tears freely falling down her cheeks, she apologizes to him for causing his personality to fragment. She knows how hard he fought each day because of his many personalities to preserve the name Cha Do Hyun. That’s why she’s giving him the name as a gift. She hopes that he’ll be able answer, just as before, that his name is “Cha Do Hyun” when people ask him who he is. When she asks, “Perry Park?” she hopes that he’ll be able to get annoyed with her as in the past and answer, “No, I’m Cha Do Hyun.” And she hopes that the person with his face and his eyes/look will continue to be Cha Do Hyun.

Clip 3: Ri Jin comes upon Yo Sub reading one of her brother’s books. When she gently asks him if he likes the story, he tells her that he was just about to put it aside because the plot is hurtful to his soul. He then continues that if he had time, he would like to write a beautiful work of poetry. Ri Jin is thrilled that he has such a hopeful goal and encourages him, but Yo Sub tells him that time is not on his side. She then asks him why his name is “Yo Sub.” He tells her that the first time he tried to commit suicide was back in high school. He was at a religious school, and the attempted suicide of a model student turned the school inside out. That’s when his twin sister “Yo Na” was created, a personality that loves life. He then tells her that Do Hyun hyung seems to have lost any desire to die, so Yo Sub doesn’t know when he’ll disappear. Since he may not get the chance to bid her farewell, he says his goodbyes to her now. Getting up from his seat, he leans over and gently kisses Ri Jin on the cheeks…just as Ri On barges into the room, asking if Perry Park is there. Ha~! Ri On demands to know what an old man like Perry Park is doing to his sister. LOL Ri Jin tells him that the guy he just shoved out of the way isn’t Perry Park, and when Ri On demands to know who he is then, Yo Na pops her personality into the scene…much to Ri On’s dismay. *chuckles* This just gets better and better. 😉 Yo Na makes a gesture and tells Ri On that it means that she’s going to him now. Ri On vehemently tells her that she can’t, shaking his head vigorous for emphasis. LOL The two siblings debate over who’s going to room with Yo Na: Ri Jin refuses to sleep with a man in her room while Ri On refuses to sleep with a girl in his room. O-M-G~! These two!!! So to settle the matter, they resort to the age-old Korean method of rock-scissors-papers…and Ri On wins. As he joyously celebrates his victory, Yo Na asks him if he wants to die. Pfffft.

Clip 4: Do Hyun, dressed as Yo Na, tells Ri Jin to stay by his side for a very long time. At that moment, Ri On walks into Ri Jin’s room and says that he just doesn’t feel right about having a “guy” stay in his sister’s room…and that’s when he notices that both Do Hyun and Ri Jin are on the floor together. Pfffft. When Do Hyun pretends to still be Yo Na and fakes an “Oppa…,” Ri On muses aloud if her voice has broken. Pffffft! Do Hyun quickly changes his voice to falsetto, and hurriedly tells Ri On that he’d better get home since he can’t seem to sleep in a new place. Ri On asks if “Yo Na” is going to leave without changing clothes. Pfffft. Walking out of the house, Ri On continues to tease him, asking “Yo Na, can you drive when you’re only in high school?” Still in character, Do Hyun reassures him that “driving’s a piece of cake.” Unfortunately, he breaks out of character briefly to wish Ri Jin a good night, and Ri On’s radar goes on full alert. lol As Do Hyun leaves, Ri On confirms with Ri Jin that “Yo Na” was truly Do Hyun since Yo Na would never resist him. Of course, at that comment, Ri Jin teases if her brother was a bit disappointed. Horrified, Ri On protests any such response. *happy sigh* I love these two. *warm fuzzies* The scene ends with Do Hyun and Ri Jin separately reflecting on their new development and smiling.

Clip 5: Do Hyun reports for work in his newly promoted position, surprised to find Ri Jin as his “new” secretary and secret physician. Secretary Ahn coyly comments that she’ll have to undergo an interview and trial period to see if she’ll suit before leaving the two alone. When Do Hyun walks past Ri Jin without any friendliness, though, Ri Jin grabs his arm and asks if he didn’t ask her to stay close to him for a long time just the previous night. Heh. At that reminder, Do Hyun qualifies that he didn’t mean as his secret physician. Not one to accept a setback, Ri Jin tells him that they can renew their contract, a suggestion that Do Hyun flatly rejects since she’s obviously forgotten rule #1: She will not fall in love with any of his personalities. Because of that, he had to pay a hefty penalty for breaking the contact. LOL. Ri Jin tells him that they both violated it, so they agree to renew the contract with a new rule #1: The two of them will always be together no matter what happens. Do Hyun opens his arms wide and declares, “Reset. Start.” Ri Jin resists jumping into his arms, at which point, Do Hyun pulls her towards him in a wide arc and hugs her to him. Aw….

Musings: I can’t wait to see the full episodes tomorrow when things calm down for me. 🙂 In the meanwhile, if you spot any proofreading errors, please ignore them since I’m uploading this without proofreading the post.

Here’s hoping these two have no more obstacles to overcome…Wishful thinking? 😉

KMHM 18.2

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