Kill Me, Heal Me: Episode 17

KMHM 17.2

One of the strengths of this series is the brother-sister relationship between Ri On and Ri Jin, and this episode underscores the tenacious nature of their bond–that through the extremely difficult times, Ri On has always been the tower of strength for Ri Jin, challenging her to become stronger as his little sister.

As we near the end of the series, the question marks are quickly becoming periods, and we see the return of Shin Se Gi. I won’t be able to watch the episode again today, but you know what this means: Even though I can’t watch doesn’t mean that you can’t, so you can access the raw episode here (or here) and watch/read about the clips below. Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

Videos: Compliments of MBCdrama via YouTube

Clip 1: Do Hyun’s mom nags Jun Pyo into finally taking his son back to his parents’ house so that his son can be legally recognized and start school. Jun Pyo tries to tell her that they should just add their son to her family genealogy, but she resists, insisting that the son be privy to all that his family’s wealth can provide for the boy. Reluctantly, Jun Pyo swallows his pride and takes the boy to meet his parents. He tells his son that the mom will join them soon after they first pay their respects to the grandparents. Unfortunately, when he returns to meet his parents for the first time in so many years, it’s to learn that Min Seo Yeon has returned with “his” child. His father insists that Jun Pyo rip up the divorce papers with his own hands and take care of his other relationship. Jun Pyo will only be allowed to save his son; he won’t be allowed to bring his other “wife” into the family. When Jun Pyo agrees to sort out his son’s mother, he also stipulates that his father take care of the other child…because she’s not his child! He never once slept with that “self-righteous,” arrogant woman. (Ah…so Min Seo Yeon lied to her in-laws about Ri Jin, and Jun Pyo’s father was planning on adding both kids to his genealogy.) While the adults deal with matter, the kids introduce themselves and play like bosom buddies. The little girl’s name? Cha. Do. Hyun. The little boy’s name? Cha. Jun. Young. (For sake of clarity, though, I’ll continue to call Ji Sung’s character “Do Hyun.”)

Clip 2: Video message from Ri Jin to Cha Do Hyun (unavailable as of this time because someone in MBC Drama uploaded it incorrectly…stay tuned!)

Clip 3: Ri On calls Ri Jin to the kitchen, but when Ri Jin yells at him to leave her alone, he finally explodes, asking her if he should just tell their mother–who’s been slaving over the stove all day to make her food–and their father–who’s been crying in secret–that their daughter doesn’t want any help from them; she just wants to wallow in sorrow and pain by herself. If she’s going to act like that, then he doesn’t want to be her brother; he doesn’t need a little sister who’s weak and only cries. At this threat, Ri Jin snaps to attention and begs him to not cut ties with her. Growing up, those were the words that she feared he would say. He’s been the source of strength for her, the one person who’s helped her endure so many things and made her strong. With him behind her, she’s grown so much stronger. She agrees to tell the family when she’s hurting, when she’s having a difficult time, etc. After eating, they take Lena out for a walk, and in the quiet of the outdoors, Ri Jin tells Ri On that she loves him and thanks him for sharing the love of his parents whose love he should rightly have received all on his own. She thanks him for being her older brother, for making her a part of his family, Ri On, in turn, thanks Ri Jin for loving him. Aw…*sniffles* (Does anyone else love the song Park Seo Joon sings here? *warm fuzzies*)

Clip 4: Pounding on the door to prevent his father from giving Ri Jin another beating, Do Hyun blames himself and creates for the first time a personality that can do what he as Cha Jun Young is afraid to do. Little Shin Se Gi makes his first appearance and attempts to burn the house down in order to stop his father from beating little Ri Jin (aka little Do Hyun). Cue the reappearance of Shin Se Gi who then goes to see Ri Jin, apologizing to her for taking so long in coming to her. He slowly stretches out his hand to her in a gesture to leave with him.

Musings: Not much to say since I haven’t seen the entire episode, but the fragmented pieces of the past are quickly becoming unfragmented. With only three episodes left, that’s a good thing. 😉

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