Kill Me, Heal Me: Episode 16


Real Life has once again intruded into my Kdramaland, but what else is new, right? 😛

Needless to say, I haven’t had a chance to watch Episode 15 or Episode 16, but just because I can’t watch doesn’t mean you can’t, so…

You can view the raw episode here

Videos: Compliments of MBCdrama via YouTube

Clip 1: Ri Jin already suspects that Do Hyun is going to leave.

Clip 2: Ri Jin doesn’t know whether to thank or curse Ri On for showing up to comfort her. She learns that Do Hyun had asked Ri On to comfort her since she would be alone after he leaves. Both men don’t want her to recover her painful memories; she’s lived fine without those memories all these years.

Clip 3: Ri Jin begins to remember bits of her past in painful detail: When the young boy/friend made a mistake, she received a beating.

Clip 4: Ri Jin recalls a memory of her mother calling her “Do Hyun” while the adult Do Hyun has another visit from his little attic friend, who introduces herself to him as “Cha Do Hyun.”

Musings: It’s as I feared: Ri Jin is the “true” heir to the business empire. Heh…I shall have to quickly catch up with this week’s episodes to confirm my suspicions, but for those of you who remember, the grandmother hid her late husband’s will. One has to wonder exactly what was written on that will…

Anyhow, this is it for today. I hope you enjoyed the clips at least! 😉

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    1. OK, I’ll break down and write something instead of wait to film the vlog. LOL.
      Ri Jin’s biological mother is Do Hyun’s father’s ex-wife, someone favored by her father-in-law because she was obviously better at running the business than his son. That’s ALL I’m saying for now. 🙂 I’ll film the review tomorrow morning upload it before I leave for work. 🙂

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