Kill Me, Heal Me: Episode 14 Preview


Episode 14 seems to be keeping up with the current pacing with a good deal of developments. If you’re like me and enjoy spoilers, keep reading…

However, if you’re not inclined to know, then stay far far away from this post. 😉

Video: Compliments of MBCdrama via YouTube

No time for translations today, but the gist…

1. Confession in front of her family

2. Love triangle taking shape as Do Hyun observes Ri Jin and Ri On’s relationship

3 Chae Yeon asks Ki Joon to dissolve their engagement.

4. Ri Jin reveals to Ri On that all of her childhood memories aren’t gone. She remembers the day she and he became twins.

5. Ri Jin gets kidnapped by the clichéd men in black.

6. Do Hyun storms into the Cha Manor and threatens his grandmother that he’ll reveal everything that has happened in their household.

I hope you enjoyed! *reluctantly waves goodbye to Kdramaland and returns to RL*

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