K-Pop Star: Season 4

K-pop star 4

As this show moves into its “world-wide” audition phase, I thought that some of you might be interested to learn that auditions of K-Pop Star Season 4 will be coming to the United States! Hmm…this video clip should really just say “US Audition”; “Global Audition” is a bit misleading. LOL 

If you’d like to throw your hat into the audition ring, here are the cities and dates:

Hawaii – July 29

Houston – August 2

LA/Hollywood – August 2

Seattle – August 9

New York – August 9

It looks as though the K-Pop Star team is splitting to do double duty on August 2nd and August 9th.

Good luck to all the contestants! And if you end up going to one of the auditions, please let us know. I’d love to have you share your photos and story of your experience with us! 😀

Below is the video clip…enjoy!

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