K-Pop Star 3: Winner Announced! (Finally! ;) )

KPop Star 3

I know that the results have been out for a while now, but let’s just say that I am just now getting to watching the clip of the winner. *sheepish grin* The fun part of this finale was that the judges, for the first time, were put on the spot as the winner was allowed to select the studio of his choice while the three CEOs had to “appeal” to the winner. Heh. I likey! 😉

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the winner, the last few minutes of the finale broadcast, and some musings… 


First, let’s announce the winner…in case you haven’t heard the news yet.

Congratulations to Bernard Park! *blows noisemaker* It was a long, difficult journey, but he persevered. I’m looking forward to his official debut…whenever that may be. 🙂

Now, once the winner was announced, the MC had each judge try to “appeal” to Bernard by telling him the advantages of signing with their respective studio. I haven’t seen Season 1 or 2, but from the judges’ brief interviews in this video clip (see below), I’m assuming that this is the first time in the show’s history that the winner has been allowed to select with which studio he signs.

In any case, here’s a translation of their efforts to appeal to the winner of Season 3:

JYP: (Sadly, I couldn’t hear what he was saying very well, but I think he said something how rules/laws are made at JYP…I think.)

YHS of YG: *smirking* Coincidentally, Akdong Musician is out again and hitting the charts at #1 right now. I think it’s important to make wise life choices. If YG is selected, I will risk everything that I have and definitely make Bernard Park number #1.

YHY of Antennae: Have you heard of the curse of the corporate world? Unless you are #1, you will be discarded. But us, we are a family-like studio that will always walk with you. Please come to Antennae.

Kpop Star 3.1

With their appeals made, the judges collapse in nervous laughter and anxiety as Bernard Park hesitates and is then further encouraged to continue his hesitation by the MC. Heh…I guess a little bit of nervous tension is only fair payback after a long season of tense competition for Bernard. 😉

KPop Star 3.2

Ultimately, though, he selects JYP, and the CEO himself bounds up the stage to welcome his newest artist into his fold as well as deliver some words of congratulations and realistic projections of when we might be able to see Bernard Park debut as a professional singer.


I haven’t seen Seasons 1 and 2, but if Season 3 is a taste of what’s to come–assuming there will be a Season 4–I’m game for another round on this K-Pop Star ride. Sign me up, and I’ll see you avid K-Pop Star fans here. 🙂

Although I joined the adventure midway, I found myself immensely entertained and swept up by the excitement of a group of hopeful amateur musicians all vying for a spot in Korea’s ever competitive music industry. JYP made a pithy comment about how Bernard Park hasn’t always been in the top contender spots, sometimes finding himself at the bottom of the rung in certain rounds. Given this “inconsistency,” I think it’s fair to say that our Season 3 winner has a difficult road ahead of him before we see him debut as a bonafide K-pop star. If reports of JYP’s grueling training and expectations are to believed, I would not wish anyone the long hours of work ahead.

Overall, I enjoyed my first little adventure in K-Pop Star Land and look forward to many more. More than anything else, though, I’m curious to see how JYP will hone our winner in order that Bernard Park will be ready as a professional. *excited*

As for the rest of the contestants whom I had the privilege to watch and cheer on, it’ll be interesting to see if any studio picks them up even though they didn’t win.

All the best wishes to them as they bravely pursue their life’s dreams! Here’s hoping that we Twinkles can do likewise with our respective life’s dreams! 😉

Below is a clip of the broadcast in case you missed it…or just want to view it again. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “K-Pop Star 3: Winner Announced! (Finally! ;) )”

  1. Yay you finally watched it! 🙂
    It was obvious that Bernard would choose JYP but I wish he chose Antenna instead b/c it was evident during the show that Antenna truly cared about him when they collaborated for one of his performances.

    1. 🙂 Yup, I finally got to see the end portion of the show. Thank goodness for YouTube. LOL
      Anyhow, I agree with you. I think Antennae Music would have devoted the bulk of their resources and energies into developing him as a professional musician. I’m not sure he’ll get that type of attention at JYP, especially given JYP’s exacting standards of pushing his male trainees. *shudders*

      I take it you’ll be joining me for Season 4…assuming that there is a Season 4? 😉 Have a good weekend!

  2. Having watched season 1 but I missed season 2, this season 3 has been much more interesting.
    I liked that the winner can choose the agency they want but I guess Bernard chose JYP because of language barrier? I’m assuming this since during the show you can see JYP is the only one who can communicate with the boys from US!
    This includes Sam Kim.
    I really want to know who will be waiting to take Sam
    Anyways, was a good season and I hope S4 comes soon

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