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K-Pop Star 3

We’ve got the top 3 contenders in this week’s episode: Bernard Park, Jin Ah Kwon, and Sam Kim. With mounting expectations and stiff competition from such strong performers, today’s episode was an interesting blend of disappointment from two of the judges and consistent praise and encouragement from one judge. I think by now, we know who the “nice” judge is. 😉

Here’s the performance breakdown and predictions. I hope you’re as excited for next week’s broadcast as I am! 

Contestant #1Bernard Park (here)

K-pop star 3.1

He sang Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Loving You” to some mixed reviews. YHY loved the performance while JYP and YHS felt that the emotional connection wasn’t quite there. Both of the studio heads commented that Bernard Park started off strongly, making them wonder if he was going to knock them over again this time the way he did last week, but the more he started to sing the lyrics, the less they were moved. Hmm…interesting. I felt the same disconnect, sadly.

The result?

The judges’ scores? JYP (92), YG (93), AM (97) = 282

Contestant #2: Kwon Jin Ah (here)

K-pop star 3.2

Jin Ah chose to sing a song titled “Love,” and as in her last performance, she put down the guitar–albeit briefly–and focused just on the singing. However, she added a new component to her repertoire by showing the judges and the audience that she can also dance. 🙂

As much as the judges appreciated the effort, two of the judges were hard pressed to give her unrestrained praise.

The judges’ scores? JYP (93), YG (93), AM (97) = 283

Contestant #3Sam Kim (here)

K-pop Star 3.3

The third and final competitor, Sam Kim, selected JYP’s “Honey,” again making it uniquely his own. He received heaps of praises from JYP and YHY, but it was really from YHS with whom Sam Kim distinguished himself. Disappointed with the previous two performances, YHS was anxious that today’s broadcast would end without a worthwhile performance. He thanked Sam for not disappointing him. He praised him in three categories: 1) Sam made the best song selection 2) Sam performed the best rendition and 3) Sam is strongest when he faces obstacles and challenges.

All three judges agreed that Sam is a musical genius who can keep up with some of the best Korean musicians around.  The fact that he can jam seamlessly with these seasoned musicians who make up the accompaniment speak volumes for him, according to YHY and YHS.

High praise, indeed! To do so and still have the luxury of ease to enjoy the stage and create a professional and exhilarating performance is something that professional musicians sometimes struggle with, much less Sam, a complete amateur just starting out in the music industry!

Their scores? JYP (99), YG (100!), AM (99) = 298! I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing Sam Kim in the next round of competitions. 😉

That’s it for this week’s installment of K-Pop Star 3! Tune in next week around this time for the results and responses. Until then, take care, Twinkles!

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