Jealousy Incarnate: Case of Second Lead Syndrome Worsens…


How can a case of Second Lead Syndrome go from bad to worse, you ask?

Oh, let me count the ways…Wait! I’ll do better than that! I’ll show you video proof of just why my Second Lead Syndrome has gone from a mere “bad” case (blog post here) to a “worse” one. 😉

Video: Compliments of SBS Drama via YouTube here. The English-subtitled one released by DramaFever via YouTube: here.

We’re at Episode 16…and if my calculations are correct, I have about 8 episodes during which time I need to recover from this condition…or be forever plunged headlong into an incurable case of SLS! Heh…so dramatic, huh?

So…who else is suffering from a worsened state of SLS after Episode 16? 😉

You can catch English-subtitled episodes of Jealousy Incarnate here.

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