It’s OK, That’s Love: Episode 4 Sneak Peek Clip

It's OK That's Love 4

Hmmm…if Kang Woo is truly a figment of Jae Yeol’s imagination, let’s hope that his interactions with the kid helps him heal from past traumas. *pounds ache in heart*

Below is a sneak peek at Episode 4 with English translations of the dialogue…

You can watch the English-subtitled episode here as it becomes available.

Dialogue Translation:

Kang Woo: (waves in delight) Writer! Woo~!

Kang Woo does a few sit-ups while Jae Yeol approaches him slowly in concern.

Kang Woo: (proudly) I…hit my father who was about to attack my mother! Like a man! (raises his fist) Without any fear.

He whoops and races over to Jae Yeol.

Kang Woo: (smiles with uncertainty) Father was…so surprised that he left the house…because he had a bloody nose.

As Kang Woo’s smile fades at the memory of striking his father, Jae Yeol comforts him.

Kang Woo: (voice slightly muffled against Jae Yeol’s shirt) Now…he won’t be able to take me so lightly. (His face crumbles at the realization that he’s changed the dynamics of his father-son relationship.) I did it…without any fear…my father…

Jae Yeol: (pats Kang Woo’s back) You didn’t hit your father…You stopped an act of violence. Just…yes, you stopped an act of violence.


*stunned by epiphany*

What Jae Beom has been saying about Jae Yeol may be right after all…

If Kang Woo is supposed to be a figment of Jae Yeol’s psyche as a way to deal with his past trauma, then Kang Woo striking his father may be an indication that Jae Yeol struck his father as well…and then perhaps even killed him. I mean, we know about the mother and the big brother, but there’s absolutely no mention of a father. This could mean that Jae Yeol killed his father in his attempt to protect his mother, who by all accounts seems trapped in a world of her own, perhaps due to the abuse she suffered from her husband.

Hmm…Jae Yeol’s reaction to Kang Woo’s confession is quite telling…as if he’s trying to convince himself–as he comforts Kang Woo–that his past self only struck his father as a way to stop violence as well. So…as he tries to comfort and reassure Kang Woo that Kang Woo didn’t do anything wrong, he’s in essence comforting and reassuring himself that his past action was for good, not evil.


We’re only on Episode 4, but if my suspicions are correct, this little revelation of Kang Woo’s hints at much deeper issues for our Jae Yeol….

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6 thoughts on “It’s OK, That’s Love: Episode 4 Sneak Peek Clip”

    1. I haven’t seen Episode 4 yet and probably won’t until much later tonight, but I’m now HIGHLY intrigued to see how the writer develops this plot’s trajectory.

    1. Awww…there, there, Niema. *pats shoulder* This is just the beginning…so be forearmed with tissues! 😉

  1. i watched ep 4 yesterday, and that ending was a shocked and surprise to me. never expected the story to turn in that direction. i’ve watched many dramas, so many that i can sometimes guess where the story is heading to and it just gets kinda boring but that ending, that cliff hanging, that revelation, WOW! i was sitting in my seat, mouth open from that jaw dropping revelation and it took me a couple of minutes or more to comeback from what i just saw. this drama has just became my most favorite of the year for giving me something unexpected and revealing it in a way that doesn’t frustrates you but keeps you anticipating 🙂

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