It’s OK, That’s Love: Episode 1 Video Preview

It's OK That's Love 1

It almost Wednesday!!! And aside from my “Glorious Wednesday” treats from SBS, the studio has decided to pamper us with more lovelies. Yup…Just. For. Us. 😉

Who’s excited?

*raises hand high in the air* Me. Me. Meeeeeeeeeeeeemememememe!

Anyone else excited? LOL I mean, it’s Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin. Those two names together alone demand at least a “first impressions” viewing, don’t you agree? 😉 

Here’s the preview to Episode 1. If you missed the previous posts on this series, you can check them out with the below links. Enjoy! Until Wednesday (July 23rd) then!

Highlight Video Clip

Press Conference

Video Preview and English Translation

Teasers Galore!

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