In a Nutshell: Standby Episodes 15 – 18

I hope you’ve all been well over the weekend. 🙂 Here is the long-awaited Standby “Nutshells.” My “Musings” partner-in-crime (aka Jules) was kind enough to not only screencap a number of pictures from episodes 15-18, but she also “nutshelled” them for me. It was such a pleasant surprise for me to return home from an exhausting weekend with my church youth group to find two posts awaiting my “approval.” She, however, only planned on helping me out by writing captions under the pictures, but she did such a great job that it seems a shame to write over her captions. So…I decided to simply publish her captions with very minor comments of my own (aka this little introduction). LOL. I hope you all enjoy her nutshells…and Jules, merci beaucoup, mon amie!

Episode 15:

Papa Ryu and Si-wan are stuck in the elevator. PR does the potty dance and decides that he can’t wait – so, to Si-wan’s embarrassment and disgust, PR unzips his trousers and waters the (non-existent) plants in the corner of the elevator. PR shifts the blame to poor Si-wan, and the truth is discovered only when So-min manufactures a reason for the CCTV footage to be examined (she steals the Ryu’s and her own milk delivery, clever girl).

Ki-woo faces trouble at work, which makes Suk-jin – remembering his own slights and humilations at Ki-woo’s hand in high school – very happy. But Ki-woo comes up trumps in the end, as ever, and Suk-jin is left to stew impotently in his car… adding yet another item to his list. (I know it’s played for laughs, but in real life, Suk-jin would be pretty scary.)

Episode 16:

Kyung-pyo decides it’s about time for his first kiss, and Si-wan is certain he’ll choose So-min as his, er, target. Overprotective Si-wan tries to protect his noona and ends up the unintentional victim of Kyung-pyo’s lips.

Soo-hyun and Jin-haeng go out on a date (in her mind, at least) and she ends up disappointed when she falls in the mud (dung?) and Jin-haeng – cleanliness OCD coming to the fore – avoids her at all costs (and then hoses her down – with an actual hosepipe!) before letting her back in his car.

Episode 17:

Jin-haeng becomes jealous of Si-wan’s relationship with Ki-woo, about which he complains to Ki-woo. So Ki-woo tries to improve their relationship by having Jin-haeng ‘accidentally’ run into Ki-woo and Si-wan as they’re cycling together – but Jin-haeng goes overboard and ends up making a spectacle of himself at a restaurant. Finally, Ki-woo tells Si-wan the truth, and Si-wan takes the first step towards Jin-haeng, by asking him to make his special ramyun (and telling him it’s better than Ki-woo’s. ^_^)

Joon-geum threatens to quit when she hears Soo-hyun etc. making fun of her behind her back. Soo-hyun tries to get her to soften with flattery (saying she looks like a 20/30 year old, lol) but that doesn’t work, nor does getting Kyung-pyo to sweet talk her as she discovers his flummery been scripted by Soo-hyun. So when a young, good looking man (cameo by High Kick‘s Julien Kang) compliments her, she thinks it’s another of Soo-hyun’s set-ups and blasts the man. Soo-hyun disavows all knowledge of this… whilst revealing to us (the audience) that it was her handiwork after all. *sigh*

Episode 18:

The Ryu family find a pair of pink panties and are all a-flutter – whose are they? How did they come to be in the house? Papa Ryu suspects Si-wan of being a pervert (the panties fell from the sky – hee – into Si-wan’s backpack); Jin-haeng thinks the same of his father when he finds the panties hidden in his father’s bedclothes; Ki-woo (after findng the panties in Jin-haeng’s jacket pocket) doesn’t know what to think of his brother; and poor Si-wan freaks out when he discovers them in Ki-woo’s drawer. It all comes to a head in front of a reporter… and the boys are left to wonder how the panties appeared so suddenly in their home (as each suspects the other… hee).

Soo-hyun is in the throes of depression as she remembers all of her embarrassing moments around Jin-haeng. So-min and Kyung-pyo try to cheer her up as they fear she’ll move to Hawaii – Kyung-pyo doesn’t want to go and So-min worries she’ll be left homeless – but nothing works, until she overhears their plans to cheer her up and, touched, decides to laugh and join in. She dons a wig and joke glasses in good humour and opens the door… to find Jin-haeng staring at her, shocked. Doh, humiliated again!

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  1. Aww, no problem. If I’d known, I’d have written them with a bit more, uh, coherence. *g*

    (so, you know, if anyone has any questions about the episodes mentioned, feel free to ask.)

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