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Standby recaps are officially back on track! I know that this will come as very welcomed news for some of you who have been patiently waiting for their return.  🙂

However, since we are so incredibly behind, I’m going to try to recap an episode a day, try being the operative word. So…I’m hoping that Monday-Friday, I can upload short recaps of the episodes. Let me know if you guys are still interested in reading these; otherwise, I can move on to another project. 

Recap: The episode features two stories: 1) Suk Jin and his rivalry with Ki Woo over a girl named Lee Chae Young and 2) a scandal between Jin Haeng and Joon Geum that also involves Papa Ryu.

Suk Jin prepares for his broadcast in the conference room and gets upset when talk of Ki Woo’s old classmate–Ha Soo Do–comes up again because of their broadcast topic. Demanding to know if Soo Do is the only friend Ki Woo had in high school, Suk Jin is intrigued when he overhears Ki Woo’s phone call from a former high school classmate, Lee Chae Young. Ki Woo points out that he has another high school classmate and goes out to meet her. 

(Picture above) Suk Jin follows and sees the two of them enjoying themselves over a cup of coffee (for Chae Young) and a glass of milk (for Ki Woo…heh, I love how his affection for milk pops up every now and then.) 

He flashes back to when he saw Chae Young looking at him and he had dropped his bicycle. She had asked if he could give her a ride on his bike, but completely flustered by the girl’s attention, he had told her that his bike can only seat one person. However, later at home, he modified his bicycle–complete with a pink animal cushion!–so that he could give her a ride. He then practiced asking her to hop on his bike…until he discovered her learning how to ride a bicycle from Ki Woo. Seeing them now laughing and joking reminds Suk Jin of how Ki Woo beat him to the punch and was able to “get” the girl back then.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Jin Haeng and Joon Geum have been linked together in a scandal. Apparently, a reporter created a scandal that the two of them were dating and even included a picture of them together…when Jin Haeng was helping an intoxicated Joon Geum home from a housewarming party.

As a way to soothe Joon Geum’s anger at her spotless reputation being smeared like this, Jin Haeng convinces her to eat lunch with the rest of the staff at his father’s restaurant…his treat.

Unfortunately, when they arrive, Jin Haeng’s father misinterprets the situation and assumes that Joon Geum should apologize for “ruining” his son’s life and chances of marriage. After all, the blind date that he had set up for Jin Haeng got cancelled once the girl’s family found out about the scandal with Joon Geum. Rather than being soothed by the lunch Jin Haeng promised her, Joon Geum becomes even more infuriated and stomps out of the restaurant.

Later that night, Soo Hyun worries over the ramifications of the scandal, upset that this is happening to her beloved Jin Haeng sunbae. Completely oblivious to her worry, Kyung Pyo snaps a photo of her drinking a can of beer and tells his sister that he was inspired by Jin Haeng’s scandal to become a paparazzi, snapping pictures of famous people for a living. Incensed, Soo Hyun chases her brother into his bedroom with a huge green scallion. Heh.

At the Ryu household, Jin Haeng works out his stress by cleaning out the refrigerator…yet again. Papa Ryu comes out of his bedroom, complaining that he can’t seem to fall asleep for worry over his son’s future. Ki Woo, with his trademark glass of milk in hand, comments that of course his father can’t fall asleep when he took a three-hour nap earlier on in the day. Heh…I love this man’s cheekiness.

The next morning, Papa Ryu comes up with a “fabulous” plan to resolve the scandal: Marry Joon Geum off so that she won’t get linked to Jin Haeng anymore. Ignoring Ki Woo’s wise advice of just waiting out the scandal, Papa Ryu tells Jin Haeng to show Joon Geum the picture of a prospective blind date and comments–with a meaningful glance at Si Wan–that getting involved with an older woman once was more than enough. Aw…poor Si Wan.

Unfortunately, the “fabulous” plan backfires, and Joon Geum is furious that Papa Ryu would even think to match her up with an old man. She decides to give him a piece of her mind…after she chews out the Ryu brothers, of course.

While she stomps out, Ki Woo runs into Suk Jin and asks him a question about the upcoming broadcast, but rather than talk business, Suk Jin asks a cleaning employee who’s better looking: him or Ki Woo? O-M-G…this man is so juvenile. Aw…Of course, Suk Jin is announced the more handsome of the two.

Si Wan gets another visit from his little friend who brings him a choice cut of meat, and Papa Ryu enters the restaurant and breaks the easy camaraderie, complaining that there are currently more employees in the restaurant than there are customers. But before he can complain any further, Joon Geum storms into the restaurant and gives him a piece of her mind.

While the Jin Haeng-Joon Geum scandal continues to fester, Suk Jin prepares to film his opening and fumbles the lines, something he rarely does. The reason? Chae Young has dropped by to talk with Ki Woo and is watching Suk Jin film. She comments when she meets him for the “first” time that he reminds her a bit of her friend, a comment that Suk Jin downplays.

When Jin Haeng tells his father that he needs to apologize to Joon Geum, Papa Ryu refuses…until he realizes that Joon Geum has the power to fire Jin Haeng and/or create problems for him at the studio. Intent on helping his son advance his career in any way he can, Papa Ryu invites Joon Geum for a nice meal, and Jin Haeng practically drags her there to meet his father.

The end result? The meal is a cordial one and helps to mend bridges…until a reporter uploads an article citing that Jin Haeng and Joon Geum met with his father to receive his blessings. The article also mentions that Joon Geum is merely eight years younger than Jin Haeng’s father. LOL. With this second article fueling the scandal, Joon Geum takes her anger out on Jin Haeng yet again.

As for Suk Jin, he watches as Ki Woo walks Chae Young away from the film location, and we learn the reason for Chae Young’s visit. Before she leaves for the States, she wants to see if Ki Woo can help her find her first crush, Soo Do. In a flashback, we then learn that she had drawn a picture of Soo Do because she liked him and then gone over to ask him for a bike ride. When he told her that his bike was a one-seater, she then went to ask Ki Woo for help in learning how to ride a bike. If Soo Do couldn’t give her a ride, then she could at least learn to ride one and then ride alongside her crush. Aw….

Unfortunately, Suk Jin is completely unaware of this. As they walk away, Ki Woo apologizes to her for not being able to help her find Soo Do–none of his friends seems to know how to reach Soo Do–and tells her that if Soo Do and she are meant to be, they’ll meet again one of these days.

Completely in the dark about Chae Young’s visit or her crush on him, Suk Jin watches the two walk away, sad that he “lost” Chae Young to Ki Woo for a second time.

Musings: This was definitely a cute episode in which we get to see Suk Jin’s juvenile reaction to Ki Woo. His “I’ll look at you crossly because I can; these are my eyes!” is so adorable. Then when he looks up how many fans visited his website to show Ki Woo that he, Ha Suk Jin, is waaaaaay more popular than Ki Woo is now…so sad and yet so adorable. 

The show seems to be picking up a bit more speed as Suk Jin is firmly pitted against Ki Woo as a rival…AND we have this interesting development between Joon Geum and Papa Ryu. Hmmm…this series is definitely not going in the direction that I first assumed, but then again, the fluffiness of the series is a nice change of pace from my usual shows, so I’m down for the ride.

Show, lead the way!

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  1. Hee. Though he perhaps wasn’t at episode 19, by ep 94, Suk-jin is, hands-down, my favourite character in Standby.

    Thanks for the recap, ST! 🙂

    1. You have me totally intrigued now. LOL. I’m imagining all the possibilities of how/why Suk Jin became your favorite character. Right now, Ki Woo is my favorite. Hmmm…I wonder if my preference will change, too. 🙂

      1. Ki-woo was one of my favourites in the beginning, with Papa Ryu and Soo-hyun my least favourites (sorry, Soo-hyun fans! It’s nothing personal, I swear!). Now… I love Suk-jin, Siwan and Kyung-pyo most, and Ki-woo has joined my least favourites list. Or, wait, that’s not fair: I just find him totally boring now, so I guess he’s on my ‘totally indifferent towards’ list?

        For Suk-jin… hm, I think he’s the most fully-realised character and I love him, even when he’s being petty and ridiculous. <3

        And I, too, wonder how you'll feel 70+ episodes on… 😉

        1. OK, so your comment had me so intrigued that I snuck a peek at ep. 95 today…only a part of it, but the tiny bit I saw left me gasping in shock. *shocked expression still* Since I’m still recapping and some twinkles may be following this post, I’ll refrain from elaborating any further, but seriously, I am stunned by the turn of events. Oy~I will I be able to catch up?
          Answer: one episode at a time.
          *heavy sigh* Let’s hope I stay with the recapping. Episode 20 done…75 more to go. 😉

          1. *snerk*

            I did warn you that everything had changed and– yeah, it’s best not to say anything more.

            Maybe nutshelling would be quicker for you?

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