In a Nutshell: I Do, I Do Episode 14

Sorry for the lateness of this nutshell everyone; it’s been somewhat of a crazy few days. But the series wraps up this week and I’ll try to post the final two as soon as I’m able. 🙂

On to episode 14…

Nutshell: Ji-an and Tae-kang discuss whether or not he should go to America (now that he finally knows that the baby is his); they decide that he should, so that when he returns he’ll be a good father and a ‘respectable’ man (because right now he’s… what, exactly?).

Still, there’s barely a week before his flight and Tae-kang first tries to push the date back and, when that doesn’t work, he decides to use the time they have left together to pamper Ji-an and to ensure she’ll have everything she needs while he’s away.

Ji-an, meanwhile, wants to lead the collaboration and suggests that Na-ri act as the PR officer (given how preoccupied she is with appearances); Na-ri says that it’s up to her mother to make the final decision and so the project head is revealed – of course – to be Na-ri, with Ji-an relegated to the role of representative.

Both Ji-an and Tae-kang’s parents find out the truth of the baby’s parentage and both are upset, particularly when Ji-an and Tae-kang reveal that they have no immediate plans to marry (if at all). And they aren’t the only ones to climb on the discovery bandwagon: Na-ri, too, learns the truth and after putting on her best sad/angry (?) face, warns Ji-an that this will ruin Tae-kang’s life and career; she blackmails Ji-an into quitting (if she quits, Tae-kang gets to keep his job and scholarship to study in America; if not…) and Ji-an,  shedding a tear as she looks around the office she loves, shreds her contract of employment.

Eun-sung implies that the baby is a girl; Ji-an is relieved to hear that, as she’d worried about raising a boy (which, in drama-speak, means: it’s a boy! haha, fooled you all! Amirite?). He tells Ji-an to bring Tae-kang to the next sonogram, which she does. They watch the baby on the monitor and Tae-kang smile-cries to see his child for the first time.

3 thoughts on “In a Nutshell: I Do, I Do Episode 14”

  1. This drama has been a crap shoot; sometimes I like it sometimes I don’t. Do I think this is one of Kim Sun-A stronger performance? I suggest watching Scent of a Woman. Overall, it’s been okay but at times I questioned my sanity on why I was watching it. I can truthfully say I did not watch every episode. But as it comes to an end, here’s hoping for at least as happy ending with Ankle being with both Mom and Dad.

  2. Got to agree with you, NewKdramaAddict. There were some fun moments in the earlier episodes which I enjoyed, but there were a lot of other scenes which didn’t work for me. Can’t remember any of them now; perhaps i thankfully have selective amnesia (just like the kdramas). The characters didn’t seem to develop, and the plot dragged at times. I am glad Tae-kang finally gets to see Ankle! I guess Ji-an is also maturing as she realises the difficult choices she’ll have to make as a mother. I am now just waiting to see how the drama wraps up.

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