In a Nutshell: I Do, I Do Episode 13

We’re kicking off our ‘nutshelling’ with episode 13 of I Do, I Do and if, as I have, you’ve been waiting for twelve episodes for some forward momentum, then this is the episode for you.

(a note: because these are ‘nutshells’ and not proper recaps, you won’t find a detailed description/analysis of the episodes in question, just the basic plot, perhaps with a few more words thrown in, just for fun.)

Nutshell: Ji-an and Tae-kang present their pair of shoes to the judging panel and – despite Na-ri’s previous attempts at sabotage – find that they’ve won the competition.

Tae-kang prepares a celebratory dinner for Ji-an on the rooftop and proposes. She decides it’s now or never and tells him (at last!) that he’s the father of her baby. Shocked – and then hurt and betrayed when he recalls her words about the bio-dad (that he’s just a sperm donor, etc.) – he then decides to take Jake’s offer and move to America (but hey, it’s okay, because he says he’ll send her child support; how good of you, Tae-kang.).

The contest win is made moot when its pointed out that Ji-an, although talented, is also soon to be a single mother; surely it’s better (for the image of the company) that Na-ri take over? Ji-an says she’ll walk, with her design, until the board reminds her of her words the previous day: that she’s not the only designer as Tae-kang collaborated with her.

Tae-kang texts Ji-an, saying that he has to meet with her (cutely, she primps, readying herself for his arrival). They talk and she says she can’t guarantee their future (as a couple) because he’s still young and reckless, and then finally, finally, they confess their feelings for one another.

And seal it… with a kiss.
Okay, I swore I wouldn’t post screencaps, but… who can resist smoochies?

10 thoughts on “In a Nutshell: I Do, I Do Episode 13”

  1. Hi Jules
    Just asking.. with this nutshelling (?)… pardon me because i have to google the meaning.. which doesnt make me more learned 🙂 are you stopping your Thursday Three?.. sigh… what a pity coz i really enjoyed reading all the comments 🙂

    I loved it when she list down all his faults… heheheh… and got kiss for that. Should have done that sooner 🙂 He was like a kid sulking and angry but luckily it didnt stay for long. Love wins every time

    Hahaha, yes, i agree good kiss. It sucks when they like to show the meeting of the mouth only.. no kissing at all.. LOL. I am pervert 🙂 Hey, blame it on Hollywood…

    1. Hi wanzhaf! Nope, I haven’t given up the Thursday Three – I just didn’t have time to post it before work this morning, but rest assured, it’ll be up in a few hours. 🙂

      It was a cute episode and I’m so glad he finally found out that he’s the father – that was kind of killing me. And his behaviour was sort of immature: deciding to run off to America and become more famous than Ji-an (because that’ll show her!) and abandoning his child? Hm, I’m glad he decided to stick around (or did he?) but am a little sorry it wasn’t because of the baby as well as Ji-an. Ah, well, there’s always episode 14, right? 😀

  2. Well, my take if someone before they told me referred to me as a sperm donor and whole lot of unkind words, I guess I would also be all gung-ho to make something of my life. Hopefully, the ending of the episode shows us differently but I was pissed with him actually. She sure did say a lot of mean, hateful things about the father which turned out to be him! That was actually one of the episodes I skipped so I did not know she had said all of that until the flashback. So as you can see, I flash in/out of IDID. Not totally vested but some episodes have been very enjoyable.

    1. I don’t blame you for skipping episodes; it’s been pretty slow, plot-wise (seriously, he only finds out he’s the father in episode 13… of 16?!). *g*

      I agree that the things she said were hurtful and I can understand that he felt upset upon learning that those words applied to him, but his response was pretty childish (imo). Hopefully he won’t actually leave; I guess we’ll see either tonight/tomorrow, or in the final two episodes next week. 🙂

  3. Yay! So happy your nutshelling this!!

    And I laughed so hard at wanzhaf’s comment about the kiss xD you’re not a pervert….I think….idk I’m American so our ideas might be a little different? o.o unless you’re American also….where is everyone from actually? xD

    As for me, I was mad at both of them…kind of. She DID say lots of mean things, but he was actually going to go to America and abandon his child?! I mean c’mon the baby did nothing -.- but cute kisses fix everythig so I was like “grr….I forgive you both. For now.”

    1. Hee, I’m pretty happy to be doing it, too. 🙂

      I was more angry with him regarding his decision to leave, because I can understand his shock/hurt/need for time to calm down, but yeah, as you say, abandoning an innocent child is just not on.

      And as for where we’re all from: I’m English. (Go, GB! *g*)

  4. I like these nutshells! (feel like a squirrel now) I think it works especially for dramas where we just want to know what happens. Useful for deciding whether or not to watch the actual episode too.

    Thank you!

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