In a Nutshell: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 6

Today’s episode deepens what it laid out yesterday and then gives us more. This time, we learn about the greater issue at hand and why the two kings allowed Arang to return and why Arang was even able to escape that first time.

I’ve got some unexpected errands to run this morning before work, so I’ll recap the episode later tonight. Until then, here’s the nutshell…enjoy! 


Eun Oh and Dol Swe uncover the burial ground for all the dead bodies, but as Eun Oh frantically searches for his mother, he finds nothing of hers except for that hairpin…a relief in some way. (My suspicion is that he may just be able to save his mother if his mother’s body and soul are still intact.)

As it turns out, this body and soul snatching has been going on for over 400 years! This is the “mess” the two kings were talking about a while back. Moo Young gets called in to prepare for what’s about to come and learns that the Great Jade Emperor was responsible for loosening Arang’s binds that first time so that she could escape and return to the land of the living as a ghost. Ah…so he’s been planning something like this all along. 

Joo Wal realizes that Arang is still alive, receives the command to kill Eun Oh, and prepares to carry out the kill order.

Meanwhile, Lord Choi is punished by the soul-sucker but left alive because he can still be of some use to her.

The Bang trio resolve to kill Eun Oh since he’s creating so much trouble for them. With this recent discovery, they are afraid that more attention will be directed their way and their corruption will be found out. They plan to arrange for Eun Oh to die at the “hands” of ghosts.

Arang remembers that she yanked out the hairpin from a woman while in the shed, but that’s all she can remember.

Eun Oh returns to the shed and discovers the black magical sheets that were laid over the underground shed. He pieces things together and then takes off running. The episode closes with him running to confirm his epiphany while the soul-sucker sits pensively in her room and the three celestial beings watch the hourglass “ticking” away.

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8 thoughts on “In a Nutshell: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 6”

  1. Ahh, that was an hourglass! Did not catch that! I thought it was another of those ying/yang globes! Sure would like to know what those cloths said but I guess all will be explained next week! I love this show! LJK bias aside! I absolutely love it! Next to crime, supernatural/sci-fi is my favorite genre! Can’t wait til next week. Alas, the end of Bridal Mask is coming T__T

    1. Seriously~! This series is really picking up steam…so many unexpected twists. I want to know to where EUn Oh is rushing off and how those pesky Bang trio are going to try to kill him. Heh…the irony that so many people are trying to kill Eun Oh now, huh?

    2. I took a closer look at it while preparing my full recap post, and it’s not an hourglass. 🙁 Drats to my video resolution! 😛 It’s some sort of magical glass ball that allows the celestial beings to observe the happenings down below, sort of like the magical glass balls that spiritual mediums use.

  2. Im currently following this drama and ur recaps but have you decided on which other drama ur going to recap? Now that there are a fair amount of episodes out, i have decided tht i am leaning towards Faith more….haha i like saeguks. And lee min ho. Not to mention the leading lady is a riot xD

    As always, thank you for these nutshells 🙂 im sorry i havent been an enthusiastic commentor as i use to be :/ ill try my best (high school is killing me -_- junior year = HARDEST YEAR OF THEM ALLLLL i hate pre.calc. It needs to die. Forever. Unlike Arang….who apparently never dies 😀 wooooo this drama is soooo interesting!!!)

    Waiting for romance to develope 😀 arang is already growing the seeds of love (tht sounds wrong in a way o.o or is it just me?) I can feel it (>^-^)>

      1. Heh…it’s so funny how you always catch these things. At least you didn’t misspell this on your college application essay. Can you believe that I misspelled the word “government” because I was taking AP French and used the French spelling for that dratted word? Yeah, Stanford didn’t want me after that. LOL

    1. Good luck with junior year! I’m always telling my students at church that junior year is difficult, not necessarily because the work is all that much more difficult–although it can be like your pre-calc–than any other year but because students just get tired and oftentimes distract themselves with other things. AND because junior year is the most important grades the colleges will look at so there’s more stress for you guys. Hang in there! Yes, you can use our little “Musings” community as a short, refreshing break from the humdrum of academia. 😉

      1. Thank you so much Twinkie! 🙂 I’m so glad it’s labor day weekend xD watching drama nonstop so I can refresh myself before slowly getting the life sucked out of me again -_- Pun intended (soul sucker lol)

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