In a Nutshell: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 5

Since I know many of you are just chomping at the bit to know what happened in episode 5, I’m going to nutshell this episode before I go to work…and yes, this is a true nutshell. The “fuller” recap of episode 5 I’ll finish and post once I return from work later tonight. I just finished watching and screencapping the episode but don’t have the time to write the recap before I leave for work. So until then, I leave you with the nutshell. Enjoy!


1. Eun Oh and Arang decide to team up together to discover the truth behind her death and his mother’s whereabouts, wondering if those two events aren’t somehow linked…but not before they get into a fight over Arang’s importance and Eun Oh’s mother and what drove his mother to disappear.

2. Young Choi kidnaps Arang while she’s asleep and then prepares her to be sacrificed to the mysterious lady, who arrives in time for the Twin Full Moons (yoon dal) but thankfully, Arang escapes. AND the big surprise is that the mysterious lady is none other than Eun Oh’s mother…or at least the body of Eun Oh’s mother. *whimper*

3. Eun Oh finds Arang and brings her back to safety and puts her in his bedroom, something that Dol Swe sees and freaks out about. Dol Swe asks if Eun Oh slept with Arang, and the silly man tells him yes. LOL

4. While Arang sleeps and recovers, Eun Oh and Dol Swe visit the abandoned mountain from where Arang escaped, and Eun Oh discovers his mother’s hairpin. The episode ends with Eun Oh wondering what his mother’s hairpin is doing here.

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